What software are Zorin users using for screen capture/recording/drawing?

Sometimes I need to take screenshots of my screen and send it to other people and possibly draw over it to highlight certain parts of it. Bonus points if the software also allows screen recording but I don't have a big demand for that just yet.

On Kubuntu 18.04, before I upgraded to Zorin, I used to use Pinta to do the screen capture but it was a bit buggy and there may be something better after all these years. Then I could use basic drawing tools to draw around something I needed to show attention to.

Was wondering what other Zorin users have found to fill this gap.

Well, if I am to be honest, I haven't drawn anything since I was a little kid playing with crayons. And yet, the waxy scent of crayon is coming back to me, weird how that works ha?

The screen recorder that I use, actually comes with Zorin OS PRO, however, can also be installed manually, through the software store, on Zorin OS CORE. And that APP is OBS.

Infact, I just most recently made a recording for the forum, showing off a LIVE wallpaper from Komorebi, and I used OBS to make the recording. Have a look!

OBS is an advanced screen recorder, just like Kdenlive is an advanced video editor. Both require time to configure and get used to, and they aren't the most easiest to use, but they are the most powerful.

There is an app called Simple Screen Recorder, and its a much simpler APP, easier to use, but less powerful. Just experiment to find out what you like most. Good luck!

I use Blue Recorder to make my desktop clip, but it can't draw. The Deepin Recorder can do that as far as I know.

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Does that mean I would have to install Zorin Pro and if so will it install safely over Zorin OS Lite 16? I am not against paying for a licensed copy if it will make my life easier.

That Deepin thingy seems to be an ISO so I am not sure whether its supposed to replace my Zorin OS with something else.

As I said, the APPS that come with PRO, but don't come with CORE, can be installed through the Software Store. Click Zorin :zorin: logo bottom of screen. Click on SOFTWARE.

Type in the search box, OBS. And you will find OBS. Or, if you want to have more fun, just type in the search, screen recorder. To find lists of APPS you can try.

Again, you can install everything that comes with PRO, except, for the extra theme layouts.

Deepin recorder should be in the software center

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The other option for part of the problem is to be able to draw directly on to the screen. I see that Ubuntu can do it with Super-ALT-D but that key combination doesn't seem to do anything on Zorin.

The Zorin software centre seems to take ages to load for me. Well its not too bad unless I try and use the Search feature which I would say is the one feature that might make it useful for me. Every time I try to use the search bar I just get a progress circle going around and round in the centre of the window. I had the same problem with Kubuntu. Installing from the command line works for me though.

sudo apt install deepin-screen-recorder

OK I tried it but there was no way to stop it from recording. It would flash in the systray and clicking on the systray icon did nothing. I eventually had to kill it.

Okay, I haven't tried it - only when I in a brief moment tried Deepin OS.


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Unfortunately Voko just crashed when I tried to do a screen record with it.

You seem to be having lots of issues with production APPS. How much RAM you have? Please post your computer SPECS.

Additionally, if you have the Stacer APP installed, it will also provide your current resource information.

Other then running out of RAM, other reasons for crashes I can think of. Computer is overheating, or hard drive has bad sectors, and is acting up because of it.

Anyways. Didn't you say you love to use terminal? Well, if terminal is your happy place, I say you should run this command to install Screenfetch...

sudo apt install screenfetch

Press Y when prompt

Once finished installing, just type screenfetch

Please post the results here.

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@StarTreker may be on to something. My machine is weak and Voko runs fine on it.

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Here is a screenshot from Stacer

Are you using Compiz? What Desktop Environment is that?

HP-250-G4-Notebook-PC:~$ screenfetch
           ...................           HP-250-G4-Notebook-PC
          :ooooooooooooooooooo/          OS: Zorin OS 16
         /ooooooooooooooooooooo+         Kernel: x86_64 Linux 5.13.0-28-generic
        ''''''''''''''''''''''''         Uptime: 4h 13m
                                         Packages: 2073
    .++++++++++++++++++/.       :++-     Shell: bash 5.0.17
   -oooooooooooooooo/-       :+ooooo:    Resolution: 1366x768
  :oooooooooooooo/-       :+ooooooooo:   DE: Xfce
 .oooooooooooo+-       :+ooooooooooooo-  WM: Compiz
  -oooooooo/-       -+ooooooooooooooo:   WM Theme: Adwaita
   .oooo+-       -+ooooooooooooooooo-    GTK Theme: ZorinBlue-Dark [GTK2]
    .--        .-------------------.     Icon Theme: ZorinBlue-Dark
                                         Font: Inter 11
        .//////////////////////-         Disk: 182G / 460G (42%)
         :oooooooooooooooooooo/          CPU: Intel Celeron N3050 @ 2x 2.16GHz
          :oooooooooooooooooo:           GPU: Mesa DRI Intel(R) HD Graphics 400 (BSW)
           ''''''''''''''''''            RAM: 2632MiB / 3770MiB

Here is the wikipedia entry for Compiz. Compiz - Wikipedia

The installation process I followed was the following:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install compizconfig-settings-manager compiz compiz-plugins dconf-editor
# To configure

I recognized Compiz from your Min, Max and Close titlebuttons. :wink:

You can use Emerald Window Border themes on that, if you want.