What would you like to see in ZorinOS 17

Zorin OS 17 it will be interesting if they little copy guide installation from Peppermint. The user have many choice what he want installing and installation all on hard disk have only 5GB. Only for xfce.

I hope Zorin 17 can run the Android app even if it's through an emulator or not. and can set wallpaper when light theme and dark theme are different.

Yes i also wondering that if they put some working software what can emulate correct app.
I tried many some emulators on Zorin but they don't worked for me.
That why i am tired trying and not working that why i must sometimes back to windows in vm.

They'll likely be switching the audio backend from Pulseaudio to Pipewire, as many other distributions have done, and with newer Linux Kernel versions, Drivers, and major desktop updates, your Fingerprint sensor might also work in the future :slight_smile:

That's unsurprising if you factor in your own flatpak user data into backups, as well as cache.

Light/dark wallpapers will come with GNOME 42 and above, though Android app support is currently still somewhat experimental.

There is 2 major projects currently offering android app support, one being Anbox, which is largely unmaintained, and another being Waydroid, which only works on Wayland and is quite experimental.

Wine stands for "Wine Is Not an Emulator", because it isn't one.

Well, that's because Airplane mode just disables those two lol, so if you have both already disabled there is no difference

Considering that Zorin will likely use Ubuntu 22.04 as their base for Zorin 17, this should come as a result of that :slight_smile:

If this were any other GPU manufactuer, I would've said something along the lines of "Try running the desktop with Wayland instead", but considering Nvidia's quite bad driver support, this isn't gonna happen properly for a while.

Whilst I could see that happening for AMD and Intel GPUs, not even Fedora has it working well on Nvidia's GPU drivers, so that likely won't happen for Nvidia GPUs

I would like to see xfce 4.18, although this is not finished yet, but the lite version will be better to use (time to change the name to a light and fast version instead of a version for older computers)


Agree with you on this more than you know... that description seems very misleading.


1- KDE Desktop option.
2- Wayland

I'm pretty sure there is an option for KDE DE (see here)

I saw most configurable operating system Slackware and gentoo they have kde DE.
KDE have many software inside. In Garuda(arch distribution) I saw is very interesting and shining.

I would like to see more root options on thunar and a dark theme that doesn't hurt my eyes , more alike to adwaita dark but with other colors , more in the stile of Linux Mint dark stile. I've been waiting for this from a long time.

Auto-tiling, like in Pop!_OS would be nice

A detailed, dedicated manual that is regularly updated and published. One that includes examples, etc and not one that "refers to ..." some other distro, OS or anything like that.

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I wish the Zorin Team would not treat the XFCE version like a 'poor relation'. I hope that in Zorin 17 they provide the same items as in the Gnome version. For example, Zorin Connect (I know there is a fix), System Sounds that can be activated/deactivated easily (they provided me with a fix that took half a day, but did not include it in the updates), other items I cannot remember off hand. And I agree with others that the name "Lite" is inappropriate but probably reflects the thinking of the developers. For some years I used Linux Lite (XFCE) on my 11" notebook as the Zorin Lite (LXDE) Start Menu was too small to read, and could not be adjusted. As a matter of interest, it is almost exactly 10 years since I upgraded from Zorin 5 to Zorin 6 Ultimate, and still have the DVD.


To add value and differentiation - I would like to see Zorin focus development on a core set of applications that could use some additional functionality and integration. Starting with the latest version of the standard Gnome apps for Mail (Geary), Calendar, Tasks/Reminders, Notes and Contacts. These look good from UX but need some additional functionality to make really good. Another area would be functionality that would work across applications like the Share function in MacOS/iOS --- you can copy or share content from one app to a myriad of others.

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Let me be clear - I have used Linux off and on for a while - and ZorinOS has been the smoothest and easiest distribution tp install and use. I would love the continued and methodical development of ZorinOS. To repeat what I put in my previous post - I would like Zorin to invest in the application layer using the Stock Gnome apps as the baseline and then build more functionality and integration. Making them "Z" apps which would provide more differentiation. There should be more integration amongst these apps and possibly the addition of services.

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This could be nice if will be something like that in Zorin 17

I am wondering what will be in next version Zorin to catch more people.

When Zorin OS based on Ubuntu 22.04 released?