What would you like to see in ZorinOS 17

I would also like to see GNOME 43 being implemented (someone already mentioned about newer versions of GNOME but...).

Oh and that airplane mode doesn't turn on when Wifi and/or Bluetooth is turned off.

What Would I like to see in Zorin v17
1.) Direct Distro Upgrade
2.) ZorinOS Laptop Package - TLP, Gui Tweaks (such as battery percentage shown), Power settings set to savings. And things along this line.
3.)A Privacy Center or section in Settings, with temp file wipe, apt-auto remove, cache / profile clean - up and shortcuts to privacy-related settings UFW ect.
4.)Zorin Grid :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Wait, I thought there was a privacy section in settings already.

There is a limited one in Core/Pro, I should have specified one is needed for Lite. And the core version to be expanded upon.


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when will zorin 17 be released? is it next year?

One more thing I thought of - switching to the Elementary installer like PopOS did instead of Ubiquity would be good to see. It's a much nicer experience than Ubiquity, and it's much faster, too.

On xfce version some that tips.

Some tips with icon a mouse. Maybe move that to tutorial?

Hello People.

I concur with all of the above-mentioned.

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Not really sure what to add as I am new to Zorin and Linux. I am completely happy with the Pro 16.1 release but in that light...I am also pretty ignorant of the Linux world.

So...I would ask that Zorin never, ever get away from the Windows look and feel, in fact, I would prefer they continue to improve on the Windows look and feel. I am on about day 8 of using this software and for the last two days I have barely touched my Win 7 pc. I have only to move files/records from the USB to Zorin and the only use for my Win 7 after that will be a few games.

So, please do not get too Linux geeky and run us Windows converts away. :smile:

edit:: OK, I do have a request. Please make these darn scroll bars wider so us old guys do not have so much trouble finding them with the mouse pointer. :laughing:


Agreed. I cannot stand the current way-too-skinny scrollbar trend.
I change mine to 16px width, immediately.


For me Zorin is great distribution for newbies people who don't know anything about linux - but with time and many information what i collect here i want jump a level up.
I know the Zorin 17 will be better with updated package.
Idea Zorin is good creating a packaged with tested package from another developers and implemented they to the Zorin.
I also not recommended Gnome. Reading many people they complaining when installing many extensions gnome going crashed,freeze or unstable.

Oh pray tell...how does one go about making this scroll bar/slider bar wider. I am even willing to use Terminal! :scream:

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Yes...before I decided on Zorin Pro I looked at the help forums for other Linux distros. There are tons of questions from those users trying to fix something that broke due to a software update, hardware update or adding a piece of software.

The Zorin forum does have users looking for help but far, far less requests for help on software that broke. Purchasing Zorin is likely the best software purchase I have ever made.

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Zorin is simple and not overload - that means also more stable.
Support here is very fast response.

The system theme determines the appearance of the Scrollbar. Any user can tweak appearance by creating a custom gtk.css file which takes top priority for the system theme.
This gtk.css file is placed in your home directory under ~/.config/gtk-3.0
Once you have made the file, you need only add the css classes and parameters you wish to change.
To adjust scroll vertical and horizontal height and width:

 scrollbar trough {
     min-width: 16px;
 scrollbar.horizontal trough {
     min-height: 16px;
 scrollbar slider {
    min-width: 14px;
 scrollbar.horizontal slider {
     min-height: 14px;

Change the sizes in PX to suit.
Reload the desktop to see the changes. Log out or in or on Cinnamon or Gnome, tap alt+F2, then enter in r and tap the enter key.

Some users (self included) prefer to turn off the overlay scrollbars that "hide" when not in use.
The overlay scrollbars and narrow scrollbars apply to Mobile OS's in which the slider function is performed anywhere on a touchscreen. The slider is just an indicator in that format.
However, on desktop, the slider is a grab-able object and the slider determines scrolling actions and speed. As such, it is not a mere indicator and should not be hidden or narrow.
To disable overlay scrollbars:

sudo nano /etc/environment

Add the following line:
Hit ctrl+x to exit, hit the Y key to say yes to save, then hit the Enter key to save under current configuration.

Alternatively, to disable overlay scrollbars only per specific application:
In terminal run (In this example Gedit- change the app name as needed)

OR in terminl run (Non-XFCE4 D.E.'s)
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface overlay-scrolling false

I hope new Zorin will with all newest stuff what exist on many linux distributions.
Example - kernel 6.0
Newest software and drivers
Be faster from another distributions
Application windows working directly without emulators.
The list is very long like all postcard to Santa Claus when comes a Merry Christmas. :rofl:

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Thank you, much appreciated. I will put that knowledge to good use. :smiley:

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Somewhere i reading Zorin released new version mostly next 2 years.