What would you like to see in ZorinOS 17

It would be better for ZorinOS 17 to install OnlyOffice by default (as a pre-installed application like LibreOffice)

I had issues with battery management, i have used tlp and slimbook tool but it used to interfere with bluetooth and wifi.

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what new features do y'all want to see in zorin 17 ? :eyes:

that topic was posted 8 months ago...

trust me, i genuinely didn't know there was a similar topic :worried:
also i joined forum like 2 days ago

:cry: hope you can do a Direcct Upgrade from Zorin 16 to Zorin 17 or else i am going to cry @nfratom ?:cry:

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I've changed my mind on KDE Plasma as it is dependent on systemd remanant of elogind. I would like to see no systemd and in its place, any of the following:
Dinit, OpenRC, runit, S6, SysVinit. No Pulse Audio, just ALSA. And add MATE to the DE mix.

Do you feel like you are being painted into a corner?

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Yes, as I don't want to be a mindless sheep!:innocent:

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A small concession in the name of convenience is not necessarily bad though. Both Gnome and KDE bring a lot of goodness with themselves, and dismiss them out of the use of one particular component seems a bit excessive (I imagine Gnome has the same dependency you mentioned about KDE?)

But speaking of desktop environments, I would like to see an option to toggle between floating and tiling windows, similar to how popOS does it. I mostly prefer floating but the idea of maximizing efficient use of screen is very attractive for those times when there's too many things going on at once.

The main thing I want added is GNOME 44. I've gotten into customisation recenty, and I think that GNOME 44 would be good.

That's plainly wrong. As much I like Gnome, Gnome 40+ are less customizable than Gnome 3+

If you're into customization, perhaps you should give KDE a spin, though it's less stable in my experience but nice to tinkering with the desktop settings.

Do you mean gnome 3+?

Aye, a typo.

Is there a way to change my DE on Zorin OS without breaking it?

You can install KDE on Zorin OS, but it's harder/almost impossible to remove it completely. Instead I suggeset Download KDE Neon and fire it up with VM. Then you can see if it's something for you.

Note: It can takes days to perfection a KDE desktop - There's so many combinations. And don't forget to install "Latte" to get a crispy dock.

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What can't be done on 40+ that can be on gnome 3.38?

You can't custom theme the applications/Windows anymore. You'll get this instead Dark or light. Though you can change its colors by Gradience, but it will be break the default dark/light default themes.

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Do icon packs still work, I've be using tela-circle icons