When I click download link I recieved a .dmg file instead the ISO

I purchased the Pro version 3 days ago.
I wrote to the volunteers assistance with my support code but I don't have revied answere yet. So I try here as well.

When I start the download of the OS, the file I get is a .dmg file (Zorin-OS-16.2-Pro-64-bit.dmg) and not an ISO.
When I try to open the .dmg on my mac it says it could not proceed to run the ISO into it.

What I am asking is could I flash the .dmg file on the USB flash drive or I need the ISO only? It works like the ISO one? If not, where I can get the ISO file?

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If I'm not mistaken, a .dmg file is the result of a failed download (corrupted files, incomplete download and such). This also could be a failing drive attempting to write to corrupted areas.

Attempt downloading at different times, to different locations on your drive and look for an email from the ZorinGroup (our nickname for the developers). They may provide an alternative link.


You can also verify the downloaded file is indeed the right one by checking the checksum (which you should do always anyway just for security reasons).

I believe the command to get the hash of a file is the same on MacOS as it is on Linux:

sha256sum <filename>

If the resulting has does not match exactly as is it shown in the help article, that's your confirmation that the file you've just downloaded is not downloaded properly.

Although this is much more unlikely, for completeness I will mention that a different hash could also theoretically mean that the .iso file has been modified in some other way, so do not even attempt to run it. Again, this is unlikely the case but that is one of the reasons to check the hash sums always.


If new to ZorinOS or Linux, this item may be worth a read: Before you install


Thank you all for the answers!
For your knowledge, I found why I am still downloading a .dmg file.
I have not idea how, but it's due from Firefox, the browser I used for the download. :thinking:

I tried the same link with Chrome and what I get is the correct .iso file.

Problem solved. :smiling_face:


This may affect other users trying to download the Zorin OS .iso
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I recently downloaded my Pro .iso to install it as a virtual machine without issues, on Firefox. I purchased it last year around this time.

Just in case the download links generated recently are somehow affected.

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