When is Zorin 18 coming?

I'm curious, when do we expect Zorin 18 (or whatever number is chosen) to release or be available. Or even announced? I tried searching for it, but cant say that i found anything in relation to what I'm curious about. And I'm sure a lot more are wondering!

Anyone has any ideas? : )

Definitely not this year, as Zorin 17 came out last December and they usually take more than a year to release a new version. There is not a confirmed date, as ZorinOS usually does the "release when ready", but I'd say it should be reasonable to assume somewhere between 2025 or beginning of 2026.

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Interesting. That isn't too bad tho.

Do you usually get kernel upgrades and so on during this wait period? or is this something you have to tackle/do yourself?

6.5.0 isn't bad by all means. But i wouldn't mind being closer to what 24.04 is on.

The kernel used on the 5th point release of each LTS seems to match the kernel used on the next LTS. Zorin 17 is based on Ubuntu 22.04, which is in its 4th point release, so I'm guessing it should get the same 6.8 kernel that 24.04 uses as soon as Ubuntu 22's 5th point release.

Since .4 was released on february, and from what I could find, these seem to happen every 6 months, .5 with the new kernel should release in August (next month).

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Oooo, thanks! Exciting!