When zorin be based on Ubuntu 22

Recently i watched review of Ubuntu 22 it's look good. I'm excited to use Zorin based on Ubuntu 22 :yum:. Is it gonna be whole new version like Zorin 17 or something :thinking: I'm a pro version user do i have to purchase again :thinking:

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That may be Zorin OS 18, but it is too early to tell at this time.

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If you don't mind telling us, what new feature is so exciting that you are missing it in Zorin OS?

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I'm excited to use with GNOME 42. And honestly there are few bugs that i faced

  1. Lock screen transition are laggy when ever i unlock it's transition is not smooth. and 2. Gnome store it's updating apps in Gnome store is headache error 1.108 and always show there is something to update i click install and it's stuck at "Installing..."

@Aravisian is there any solution for those issue??

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i tried removing Snapd but for the 1.108 issue but i need Snapd. and but the lock screen issue no solution.

You might try these steps:

You may also run:

sudo apt install --reinstall ca-certificates

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I had a similar issue after an update and resetting gnome display manager fixed the issue
gdm3 -reset

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I have bought new Laptop recently, it is Asus Vivobook M515UA
Ryzen 5 5500U
8GB Ram
currently using Zorin OS Core on it. i would love to beta test the next version based on ubuntu 22.04

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I took a look at Ubuntu 22.04 . There are a lot of rough edges and bugs that should have been fixed before the release. They did not have enough time to test it and include gnome 42.

I found it frustrating that if I used a different icon set than the default yaru set and went to change the wallpaper ,everything icon and themes included went back to the default yaru settings. They blamed Gnome of locking in users and have done the same themselves. Some of the yaru icons imo are hard on the eyes.

You still can not set the fan speed for nvidia cards by using nvidia-settings.

The snap version of firefox is extremely slow to start and restricted in function. You can not use the gnome shell integration to install extensions.

The tech youtubers for the most part are praising it but they tend to be that way with any " new shiny toy " that gets released. If you want an honest review of it and other Linux related topics I would recommend DJ Wares youtube channel.

The Zorin team has a lot of work ahead of them. Enjoy Zorin 16 for its stability. The Zorin team makes a lot of changes both visually and under the hood and that takes time.

Keep in mind that the S in LTS stands for support and not stability.


Indeed, Zorin OS Team do so much hard work, a friend of mine also praise zorins os for it's stability, he uses it 24/7 for like 5 years until the machine dies lol, I myself only recommend zorin os because i never encountered any issues related to stability. was using Zorin OS lite on my old pc for about a year, now using Zorin OS Core on new hardware.
Please dev, if you need beta tester consider taking me in


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