When zorin lite 17 will be announced?

any news about zorin lite 17, i think in reinstall zorin lite 16.3, so i'm asking about zorin lite 17, i wait it , or it will take over than month?

Zorin Lite takes months to be released.

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Soon...within the next 30-60 days perhaps. Just a guess. No insider information.

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Good morning, I would like to ask when Zorin 17 Lite will be released, and why it disappeared from the home page as one of the download options

I am not sure Zorin has published any timeline. I did a quick search that yielded no new information.

They might release Zorin Lite 17 today or in the next few days or weeks or months. Also, they might skip 17 and go to 17.1 as they have done with the other versions already.

We will know when it is ready. I suggest you subscribe to their newsletter in order to get future updates pertaining to Zorin Lite and other Zorin news.

I was surprised when I saw my Zorin 17 Core go to 17.1 and only discovered it by chance, Obviously, 17/17.1 Lite will be a fresh release and require a full upgrade with the Zorin upgrade tool if you are on 16.3 Lite or earlier.

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I hope so as I love this version because of its lightness and reliability as well!

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Given the 17.1 announcement blog post from 7th March introduces an Education edition and the Downloads page has replaced 16.3 Lite with 17.1 Education, including in the comparison table, I'm guessing Lite is no more.

From the Education edition's Learn More page, it sounds like it's probably Zorin Lite but with educational "games" and Veyon remote monitoring software pre-installed. On the plus side, it is 17.1 instead of 16.3 now.

Edit: now I've tried downloading it, Education is 6.55GB vs. 3.55GB for Core! There is nothing "lite" about this after all :rofl:

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The education version is based on GNOME not Xfce like Lite is.

Lite refers to the OS itself which uses less resources while running versus GNOME which tends to use more resources (CPU, RAM, etc.) The term Lite has nothing to do with the size of the .iso file.

The reason the education version is a larger file is because of the additional educational software included.

I know the term Lite isn't related to the ISO file size, that was just a joke, hence the :rofl: emoji.

As for the DE, you're right; I saw the bit about "Your old PCs. Made new again." and assumed it was the lightweight Lite version as a base.

We've streamlined Zorin OS to work on computers as old as 15 years. Keep using your PCs for longer to save money on upgrades. That way, you can spend your resources on the things that matter most.

However, this seems to be generic text used to describe all Zorin editions rather than being Lite-specific.

On the topic of resource usage, I've just checked the System Requirements page, and that also no longer mentions Lite at all; only Core, Education, and Pro.

Removing Lite from the Downloads page I can kinda understand, if it's taking the devs a while to put 17 / 17.1 Lite together and they have some reason to want to prevent new 16.3 installs until the new version is released, but deleting it from the comparison table and the system requirements page seems overkill for that IMO. It's really looking like Lite is dead.

i think they plan to make it a separate product in separate page, because the core and education is based on gnome and lite based on xfce , like Ubuntu has separate page for xubuntu.

Whatever the reason, it is speculation from our end.

At the bottom of the download page there is a place for other mirrors where you can download old or new versions of Zorin.

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Since Zorin 17 Lite is taking too much and Ubuntu 24.04 is about to release in the end week of April. I would suggest Devs to delay it until Ubuntu 24.04 launchs. Then announce and release the Lite version with Ubuntu based 24.04 instead of 22.04 :smiley:

We have waited so long, it will not hurt waiting few more months for 17-Lite :smiling_face_with_tear:

And 16.3-Lite is working totally fine so why get 22.04 with 17-Lite when we can get 24.04 if we wait a little longer :sweat_smile:

(Who cares if 17 Core has 22.04)

Interesting Idea. But I wouldn't think that the Zorin Crew would have a Zorin 17 Version with Ubuntu 22 Base and a Version with Ubuntu 24 Base.


Wishful thinking but that is not historically the way the Zorin team has developed their distribution.

Either intentionally or due their limitations, in the past, they run about 18 months behind. Now it is about 20 months behind for the GNOME variant and Lite (Xfce) will take longer.

Someone on some group, maybe here, mentioned they might stop Xfce since the GNOME version was made to work on hardware with less resources. I doubt that too. I think Xfce will come out - just later.

If you are going to be a Zorin fan/user - you have to accept Zorin's delivery schedule.

I think they could solve a lot of this by going all Debian but it's not my distribution.


Whilst Lite is not currently on the web page, earlier versions are available on their supported mirrors:



Which lists all versions of Lite - including Education Lite.

I have tried the 17 Core version, the ram consumption after a cold boot is around 1.5gb while in the Lite version it's 600mb-700mb. Gnome uses more resources Older device with low system specifications and with a HDD will suffer a lot due to this. 1.5gb may not sound like a lot to you but it is for me. I will not recommend Core for older devices unless they have their HDD replaced with an SSD.

Yes, core fans will be very upset if this happens.

Given that the Zorin OS repository currently contains elements for Zorin OS 17 Lite, and that it contains the packaging being built for zorin-os-16-to-17-lite-upgrade, we can (again....) put speculation that "Zorin OS Lite is a dead project" fully and 100% to rest.

Zorin OS Lite has not been discontinued nor abandoned.
Zorin OS Education comes with the choice between Education Core and Education Lite.

Zorin OS 17 Lite began work quite a while ago using Xubuntu 22.04 as its base. While it does (will) contain some higher packages than the base, it would not be practical, nor a short wait, to try to start over and base it off of a not yet even released Xubuntu 24.04.


I use Core too. But I wouldn't. Because: I could install Zorin Lite and then install the gnome Desktop from the Noble Repo's and then I would have the gnome Desktop too. The only Problem would be that the Zorin Design is missing. But I can customize the Desktop to the Look that I use.

But that is only theoretically. I still think that Zorin Lite with Ubuntu 22 Base is coming.

This is good to know, however, I've gone ahead and upgraded all 15/16 Lite devices to 17 Pro and I've not felt a significant performance hit.

If 17 Lite does eventually drop, I'll have to acquire some "new" old machines to try it on!