When Zorin OS will support gnome 40?

As everyone knows Zorin os is one of the most beautiful os and if it implements gnome 40 or 41 then no distinction can win Zorin os. I think maybe gnome 40 will come in Zorin os 17.

I can't read Hindi. But do tell why that is????

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Took you a hour to think that over, but you still didn't tell why. For a little boy of 15 yrs old who just wanna try ZorinOS 'n Fedora you do like to encounter some heavy discussions.

...but you still didn't tell why?????

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Sorry, I can't able to understand.

sorry, i also dont write hindi

Eeh bhai, Why do you think that


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Sorry that was nothing.

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I have used gnome 40 and I liked that. And Zorin os is my favourite so I want that in Zorin os.

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Yes, and I prefer biking over swimming, but you still haven't exactly told us why no distinction can win over Zorin.

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Oh okay. Because of its performance, looks and ubuntu. Zorin os is mostly used for its look so I think that improving its look will make that better.
Okay, I am not talking about hacking and security.

Yes, I know that we can make any os look like Zorin but I like Zorin and I want to improve it.

I think you'll find many people on this forum would like to see Zorin get away from Gnome completely, not update it to the newest version.

Also, rushing to be upgraded to the latest greatest is not something I would want from any distro. There are distro's out there for someone who likes that, however I prefer the sit back, and let others use it and deal with all bugs. Updating to the latest and greatest is a sure fire way to have your forums pounded with posts about how everything is now broken.


Yes, I like a beautiful and more customizable desktop but if that is not possible then it's okay I can continue with the default one.

Thank you very much.

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Then install some other DE, you have Cinnamon or KDE that many people run on Zorin.


Okay I will try

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How to install the KDE Plasma desktop environment ?

Before this question is answered, I would like to give a tip:

If you have not already done so, install Synaptic Package Manager:

sudo apt install synaptic

Now that it is installed, you will find a very Handy Tool in Synaptic for the event of if you decide to remove Plasma Desktop. Simply removing the Plasma Desktop will not remove most of it. For this, open Synaptic
Then from the search bar; search for plasma
Mark any packages for Plasma desktop that are listed as installed for complete removal.
Search KDE
Repeat this with any KDE packages.
Click on the Apply Button when finished.

Now that you know how to remove Plasma Desktop...
How to install it:
You have more than one option. You can install the Plasma 5 desktop (Core install) or you can install the Kubuntu Desktop
As always, Back Up your Personal Files
We will do Core first, then Kubuntu and you can choose which you prefer.


sudo apt install kde-plasma-desktop


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports

sudo apt install kubuntu-desktop

Reboot and explore.

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If I got an error in this process then can I go back to gnome again?

Yes, you should be able to just Log In on the ZorinOS Destkop.

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Oh, thank you. Should I make a different account for another desktop or i can continue with my default account.

Can KDE plasma run so smooth like gnome?

You can use any account you like.

I think KDE is "smooth" But I also know better than to use such vague and leading words to describe desktops.
They really mean pretty much nothing.

Let's say I ask you to find me the "perfect" tree.
You seek carefully and pick out a tree and show it to me. I say, "Yes, it is quite nice. But I cannot climb it."
You seek again and pick a new tree, one with larger low level branches. I say, "yes, I really like this tree. But I the bark is too rough."

This word: Perfect - only has meaning to the person who uses it.
These words are useful to you, but not to others as a description of something that they may try to experience.

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