Where is Background Plus in 16?

Just updated to Zorin OS 16 from version 12.

I'm currently putting all the files I backed up from 12 back but can't find the Background Plus program to access all the .webm and .mp4 animated background files I had downloaded to use in 12 (my favorite thing about the OS). Anyone know where I can access it? It didn't show up in its usual spot in System Tools, nor in searching for it, and I don't see it in the snaps available in the Software center and there doesn't seem to be any topics on it on the forums now.

EDIT: I found one old forum post that said to try the Gnome Tweak tool. I downloaded the snap for it and it doesn't have the Zorin Background Plus option like in their screenshot.

On current Gnome Desktop, the options that allowed Background Plus to run are no longer part of Gnome Desktop, which Zorin OS Core uses.

But the good news is that you can still get an animated desktop background or in addition to the existing Display Wallpaper options you have on Zorin OS 16.

So... even though your favorite feature is no longer wrapped as a specified app; you can still get the favorite function.
Please see @Storm 's guide here for animated wallpapers:

Don't be daunted. Set up is quite easy and it works like a charm. I use it. If you have any questions or the instructions look like they are written in an alien language, please feel free to ask for clarification.

Additionally, if the above is just not for you; you can try komorebi application. I have never used it myself, but I am sure we can help you get it it set up if you need.

komorebi has been discontinued, but "Hidamari" (flatpak) is the new black when it comes to animated wallpapers.

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Man them removing this feature was such a serious mistake. It was one of the huge selling points of the distro back when and what got me to finally make the leap from Windows (getting reliable animated wallpapers on Windows without crashing it is even harder imo). Even though I suppose it's a Gnome issue and not a Zorin issue per se, it was presented as tied in to the OS.

I'll try Hidamari.

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