Which File Manager to Use

I've been using Nemo for all the time I've been using Zorin .... but I have this problem when coping and pasting a file name in the header ..... if a file name is already there ..... which it usually is ..... I have to delete it before I can paste the one I want there ....

If I make multiple changes such as changing the file name of say 20 photos it can become quite tedious the first one will write over the original name .... great .... but each one after that has to be deleted before I can paste the new name ....

The steps are to either high lite the file name .... being careful not to remove the extension and choose delete... or right clicking on the bar choose delete and then copy in the new name ....

There has got to be a different way .... maybe a different File Manager ????? ..... right now I have to go back to Win 10 to do my photo renaming as it takes for ever to do it here on Nemo ......

I would've thought that just about every file manager out there can handle bulk cases of pasting identically-named files over others. Nautilus certainly does that just fine, maybe just use that?

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I don't really know about file managers but renaming files seems like the perfect candidate task for automation using some script. What type of renaming are you doing exactly? If it's something simple like making the file name lower/upper case, or similar, then it should be fairly easy to do.

You can also try the classic Ctrl + L shortcut to access the navigation bar, similarly to how it works on browsers, which automatically highlights everything for you.

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Nemo also has a companion bulk renaming app: Bulky


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thanks for that , i was using bulk rename of thunar in nemo.
rename action can't be active when u select more than files to rename it in nemo, to active it, we go to edit=> preferences => behavior =>in the place holder of bulk rename field type bulky

I prefer thunar file manger in zorin lite for that.
I don't know what do u mean, but i think u have problem when rename file with the same name of another file in the same folder, i think u get popup error: the name of that file is already exists.
I think the better is to rename ur newfiles in another folder then copy them to the folder that has files with the same name, in these case u will get amazing popup window has a lot of options(replace, rename,...).
nemo file manger:file confilict
thunar file manger: file confilict

OK I need to explain this a bit better ..... when renaming multiple photos is where the problem really occurs .... ex. if you have 10 photos of a car ..... boat .... house or what ever they usually are in numerical or alphabetical order on the website where you found them BUT when you copy them to a folder on your computer they can be completely jumbled up ..... 4 ... 1 .... 3 .... 2 etc. instead of 1234

This poses a problem as on the website they were in the correct order .... if you select say a boat race on the web all the pictures are in order but when you copy them to your folder they may show the end of the race first ..... the start in the middle and all the rest haphazardly scattered in between .... I understand that this could be caused by a lot of things mostly on the OP's part ....

So what I have to do is put them back in the original order to make sense .... I do this by taking the photo on the website and before I copy it to my folder I rename it 1 2 3 4 etc. .... as I can't batch the files right off the web I have to do it by hand and I'm trying to make this as simple as I can ....

On windows when I click on Save Image in the right mouse menu it pops up a setting to allow me to change the name of this image which I do keeping them all in order .... the cursor then automatically goes to Save which I click and the picture goes into the folder I have chosen or into my pictures folder by default .... in the correct order ....

I can't use a batch file as I can't choose all the pictures at once from off the web or at least I don't know how .... I sometimes have 40-80 pictures to sort and download ....

I hope this is a little clearer now .... I do use batch filling on XnViewer MP but that doesn't help me here as the files are already scrambled before I can batch them .....

If someone was to show me a better way to do this I would really appreciate it

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You can use Bulky which I recommended above- not for batch Naming, but for having a Clear Entry in which to easily place a file name.
However, this does not help you for Save As situations from the web.

When you click to save the file, it is always Nautilus that handles that.
Nemo FM does not provide that window.
In that window, save as will produce a dialog with the current name highlighted in the Entry Field.
So the First Thing You Do is immediately tap the backspace key.
Then type the new number name thing.
That should make it swift and easy.

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there r a lot of tools which download list of pics and have settings for sorting as the order of page like that site:

also if u downloaded numerical playlist of videos or pics, then it will be auto ordered in ur file manger, but if the playlist was not ordered in their site, u can download it ,then sort it by date created , then use bulky or bulk rename to add number to it.

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Interesting ..... I tried to install Bulky but it said already installed .... I can't find it in my Nero program or on the Main Menu ..... I have Nautilus uninstalled .... would that change the Click to Save ..... I also had Thunar uninstalled but just now installed it back to give it a try .... for no reason just to try ....

I know nothing about Thunar but if the Zorin's choose to install in on 16 lite it must be worth a try so we'll see .... when I tried to find Bulky in the main menu Bulk Rename came up which is Thunar ....

I will try the Backspace trick and see how that works ....

Thank you sir for all your suggestions and information .... :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

On my computer, it shows up as ... uhhh...
File Renamer

I got nothin'. They are as bad at naming things as scientists are.

Well, it is how I do it.

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Yup got that one also .... I just didn't open that one to see what it was so it was downloaded ..... :sunglasses:

That's Bulky.

So why is it a New app... Freshly named Bulky...
And called File Renamer in the app menu?

Because Developers think the users are STUPID, that is why.

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They just want to confuse us and prove their self-induced superiority

:+1: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I went to usr/share/applications and opened the .desktop file for (file renamer) Bulky and changed the display name back to Bulky.

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Good deal I like that ..... I know I can be thick at times and this is one of them ....

I can't find ....


Where is it ???? :face_holding_back_tears: :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:


sudo -i


Tap the up arrow icon on the toolbar twice.

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Aaaaah ..... very good gonna save that in Bookmarks as well as my Documents ..... so that is how you can rename any of the icons .... ???? .... but I still have the old file name there also and now my Thunar bulk loader is missing .... what did I screw up ??????????

Did you rename thunar bulk file instead of bulky file renamer?

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Could have .... kinda scatterbrained this morning ..... let me go back and check ..... DUH