Which Office Application do you use?

A little survey. Which Office application do you use on Zorin/Linux?

  • Libre Office
  • Only Office
  • Freemaker Office
  • WPS Office
  • Online based Office eg. Google/Microsoft
  • Microsoft Office via eg. wine/crossover
  • Other
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Only Office: Best compatibility with MS docs, modern style, open source, cross platform :sunglasses:

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I use OnlyOffice too, but WPS Office is good too as long your language is supported (which aren't for me).

I've only ever used Libre Office since it comes pre-installed in most distributions I've tried, and had good experiences with it. I even installed it in MacOS with great results as well, so I never had to look much further than that.

For years I have used Softmaker Free Office for typing documents, as I can save them as .docx rather than .odt in Libre Office. If I want to send something as an email attachment, .doc never gives problems. Libre Office has become more compatible in recent years, so I may switch one day.

I think Freemaker Office needs changing to FreeOffice (FreeOffice: The best free alternative to Microsoft Office)

I use the pro version. Recently updated to the 2024 release that includes a QR Code maker which I have used on my business cards.

When working from home, using LibreOffice and saving as an MS Office file never showed up correctly when sending completed work to the office base. So using SoftMaker Office Pro 2018 and later 2021 (upgrade). 2024 has had a major improvement missing from earlier versions, Compression of images. When modifying text books for students with low vision, I had to use LibreOffice for that. In terms of Language support, LibreOffice beats MS Office hands down as it has more or less got most if not all of the World's languages available to it. Font Spacing in TextMaker (all versions) of SoftMaker Office is still sadly using % instead of pts. The solution? Create a document in LibreOffice using pts font spacing, save as .docx, open it in TextMaker and check the % - once you know what the % value is, make a note of each one. If you notice KS1 books have slight font spacing and also word spacing of 2 spaces between each word to help young readers gain confidence.


For personal, it's LibreOffice. But if it's for work and my college, it's Ms365 Web.

Second that! Almost a carbon copy of O365 to me. Still have Libre Office though, just in case haha There aren't as many templates as Libre but, just a download away really.

I'm surprised to see OnlyOffice on 2. place with 21%. Another surprise is that WPS is used by so few.

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Actually, same - I thought it was very good. I didn't sign up for their stuff though; like making an account or any of that. So, I'm sure there's even more that could be had!

Does FreeOffice support the RTL languages? Or still they ignore Arabic, Persian and Hebrew.

Edit: Tested and Nope, this is not a good option for RTL languages, It has a good interface though .

Because it is a German offering it concentrates on it's native language. It's recent service pack has added some more languages but only in numbering, Bulgarian, Greek, and Russian. I think I stated earlier that when it comes to Language support LibreOffice is king with more language support than Microsoft Office.

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Just taken a look at Softmaker Office Pro 2024 - does this mean Arabic is supported?

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Yeah, it seems Arabic supported, but it has problem while typing... I have to check it again.
Edit: It doesn't support RTL language by default, but there is an option to enable Arabic support language and then it works fine.
Referring to its support forum

Yes you are correct. Just found this help page:

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Translation from what Abdulhalim wrote on the image:
Zorin OS is a Great Distro. But what makes it even better are the people I meet on the Zorin Forum. May they be blessed.

Or I could be completely wrong.

Libre & OnlyOffice I believe are the best 2, from what I hear. And OnlyOffice is more compatible with M$office. Both are great options.


Yes, you are absolutely right, people on this forum are the best and Zorin OS is really great one.

The image translation:
Typing text on Office Textmaker!
This is a demo text.


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Only Office, and Office Libre. I also sourced and downloaded MS fonts to match up MS Word.


I use Libreoffice, Microsoft's online office app and Microsoft Office's Android version

Libreoffice is for when I need to do homework that I can send as a .pdf file or when I want to write any non-important thing

Both versions of Microsoft Office are for studying at university: I take notes with the android version (my tablet and a bluetooth keyboard are the only devices I have with a reliable battery) and the website version of Microsoft Office for when I need to edit those documents on my laptop or pc, as they are more easily accessible from there because I have them saved on my onedrive. For PowerPoint I use only the android version, mostly to make sure the teacher isn't gonna run into compatibility issues when opening it

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I've been using WPS for a few years now, and never had any .docx compatibility issues, plus they've ape'd the MS-Office ribbon, which altho' I was never a fan, I'm boringly familiar with, so there's that. I started with OpenOffice then LibreOffice, which were good to start with, but certainly a few years back these suites buggered up formatting in weird ways with Word docs, plus some of the functions like format painter and ToCs didn't seem to work very comprehensively or were clunky. I might try it again, tho'...