Who else prefers their Window buttons on the left?

I was just thinking about this but I wonder how many people are using a Windows like layout and have their window buttons to the left? lol

I am honestly fine with the default Gnome layout but I am more of a mouse driven muttitasker so I like having the icons to switch applications visible at all times

As far as the window buttons being on the left I am also a MacOS user and just prefer that to be the same no matter the platform I move to.


I just prefer windows buttons to the right with one exception.

If I use a Mac (with Linux of course), I have it to the left.

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I prefer on the right because that is where they have always been my whole life.


I thought everyone knew: they should be at both sides of the tab :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Feeling lonely so far :frowning: lol
Where are the lefties! (I'm also left handed :D)

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I have always used righty buttons of windows. I came to linux to try different things differently. So, Ive switched to the lefty keys. Idk if I prefer it.

I really don’t think one or the other is “better”

Moving between platforms with them being on opposite sides is annoying though.

A absolute muuuuuuuuuuuust :rofl:

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This is a Mac trend... so I won't endorse it! :joy:

On the left side as I'm using Unity layout. Though I could move the panel the right.

I miss the real Unity so much :frowning:

But it is so outdated now that it has issues that do not exist elsewhere. Guess we will see what happens with the new version of it when it releases

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What is wrong with that?

Apple is always right you know :grin: lol

Wait, isn't there an official flavour of Ubuntu that uses Unity by default?

Yes, but it is terribly outdated. Modern applications are not made with it in mind and you get bugs sometimes (especially with app icons). They are working on a new version of Unity we will see where that leads

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I also prefer them on the right. It's just what I'm used to... :man_shrugging:

Good ole BeOS

I still have ISOs of that. Was an amazing OS, in its day.

Also, yes. Left-aligned buttons FTW!

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Is that KDE you are on?

I just don’t recall seeing such a good Mac implementation on Gnome before.

100% Gnome. Check the Neofetch info.

Woops, that one did not have Neofetch running. Here you go.

Dont worry. I believed you lol.

Ive been struggling a little with my desktop layout. There are things I like about the Windows workflow and things I like about the Gnome workflow and Zorin makes it so easy to swap between them lol

I prefer having the buttons on whichever side the dock/panel/launcher is. I generally prefer to have those on the left like on Ubuntu since Unity, since also larger applications with menu bars have those left aligned too.

It is a personal preference and I can use a mouse with great precision easily. So I want to clump all controls and buttons together. There is only one general area to search and little mouse movement required which for me helps prevent RSI.

I think the design Ubuntu and especially Unity was well considered and makes much more sense than Windows. Start menu and task management lower left, menu bars top left, window controls top right and tray icons bottom right? It’s all over the place. It’s not efficient.

HOWEVER, for people that are visually impaired or don’t have fine motor control it may help to spread controls around.

TL:DR: mostly i prefer window controls left.

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