Why is Zorin so expensive for the UK

$39 in US, and £39 in the UK.

The equivalent price in todays exchange rate is £29.

So why the price difference. Please do not say it is down to the extra time it takes to do English spelling.

You are no better than Microsoft or Adobe at ripping the British off.

It is 39 euro's here in the Netherlands, I am ok with it, Just as many other users. To buy the Pro version is only meant for helping the developers. Core is the same as Pro and it is free. There is no ripping off at all.


If you don't want to pay for it just download the core version.


You are completely missing the point.
Zorin Pro is NOT a merchandise.

It is essentially the same thing as Core version.
Please have a look at the currently going on Poll.

Over 80% people chose Pro to support developer in lieu of making a donation.

It is NOT a RIP-OFF.


I think that both sides on this are valid.

It is quite valid to discuss the nature of the choice in using Zorin OS Pro.

It is also quite valid to point out a rather large difference in what the users in one nation pay as opposed to another.

It appears as though the ZorinGroup opted for a Flat Rate rather than employ a method that calculates each national exchange rate.
Tagging this feedback for review by the ZorinGroup:
@zorink and @AZorin


Here in the eu we have to pay €39 ex vat. If vat is included it's €47... So who is getting ripped off ? :joy:


Not complaining by any means, but it was over $50 with exchange rate in Canada. I am happy I donated to get Pro though.


Sincerely your wording is kind of rude, but I do agree they should consider doing a reasonable price model like $39, 34.99€ and £29.
And, yes, you can get all of the Pro features for free. They're not ripping you off by charging you extra for exclusive proprietary features thankfully, because they could be like RHEL and place certain features and services behind a paywall.
They instead offer us a beautiful distro, these forums and enough updates, all offered for free. Understand that you too have the freedom to buy the conveniences of Zorin OS Pro by paying them to keep them going, and aren't put behind a predicament to either pay more than everyone else or get screwed.

Let's see the official response but they are better than other tech companies, as Zorin gives you the freedom to choose if you trust your money with them; while Adobe, for example, forces you to choose to pay for their services or find competitors.


I hate to tell you this, but you are greatly mistaken about a great many things.

What does Microsoft charge for Windows11. Lets see...

If you intended on using Windows, you would just pay the price for it, install it, and not complain about it.

What does Zorin charge for PRO? Well, lets see...

As you can clearly see, Zorin OS PRO costs far cheaper. Its far more attainable, and to complain about this price for supporting the devs, is illogical.

So lets look at things further shall we?

Can you attain Microsoft Windows for free? The answer is no. Those who lie to you and tell you yes, are only selling you a half baked truth. If you are already on Windows 10, you have the option to free upgrade to Windows 11, only if your computer meets the system requirements.

But Microsoft Windows has always cost money, all distributions of it, it never was free. You are locked into a paywall in order to utilize Microsoft software. And at the end of the day, what you are really paying for, is to be data mined behind your back.

Can you attain Zorin OS 16 for free? The answer is a solid YES! This is because you can download and install Zorin CORE, and that is free, with no strings attached. You are not locked into a paywall to use said software. And furthermore, you are not being data mined behind your back.

Zorin OS 16 PRO does cost money, but where is that money going? The money is for directly supporting the devs, you are not paying for a product. And what do you get by supporting the dev's for PRO? You get 8-theming layouts, and you get APPS already pre-installed for your convenience.

You however, might indeed have a solid point about how your countries currency is not being adjusted properly for when you make payment. But keep in mind, us US users pay 40 bucks for the PRO version.

But please do not make false statements that Zorin is as bad as Microsoft. Cause thats a solid lie on all counts. And in regards to Adobe, they don't make operating systems, so mentioning them is a mute point, and thus also, illogical.

I have spoken...


If I have to compare the pro version with the core version..it's not worth for me. Yes you recieve support but MS also gives support but you have also a big community. But further the extra layouts and software that I will never use doesn't convince me. Maybe in the future but not now.

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You also get a more safety work environment then Windows if that counts, plus you can customize it or change Zorin a lot. :slight_smile:

I had to pay EU taxes for mine copy, but I know that most of the money goes to the Zorins which can use their time to develop Zorin OS.


To confirm, my post was not about the value of the software - purely that they charge the USA customers significantly less than they do in the UK (and apparently other counties). This is a practice that Microsoft and Adobe both do - they charge a similar amount in £ as they do in $.

One argument is that they have to spend time do translations and adapting the s/w to fit different word lengths - but many companies do not even both with correct English spellings and we have to endure the US spellings.

I am used to this from the big US companies, but I was shocked that a OpenSource vendor would use the same tactics - doing currency conversions is easy and does not cost - so they are simply asking for more money from their foreign customers.

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Fortunately, you have options with Zorin OS.
Zorin OS Core and Zorin OS Lite (My preferred flavor... or is that flavour?) are 100% free, no cost to you.
No data mining. No data selling.


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I've come across other instances where the same monetary figure is applied across dollars and pounds. I've wondered myself what the rationale is, therefore the OP has a valid point querying this element. However to compare Zorin to Microsoft is certainly taking things too far, especially when you can obtain what is essentially the same OS for free by installing Core.


Use a VPN. There are plenty of free out there. Set it to a US server. Simple.

Small Big problem.
You need to have a credit card issued in the country where Tax is not applied. VPN cannot solve this issue.

This is price Pro.

I did via PayPal & paid £29.38.

PayPal's conversion rate: 1 GBP = 1.32743 USD
Converted from: £29.38 GBP
Converted to: $39.00 USD

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I purchased the pro just to support the developers, cause their free versions are simply the pro. The only thing you get with the pro is support from the team if you have issues.

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