[Poll] Reason for choosing Zorin Pro

Tell us the reason for your decision to get Zorin Pro
  • I wanted to support Zorin developers
  • I wanted to have extra layouts and pre-installed apps

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I want both :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I also like the additional layouts and handy pre-installed apps as well :slight_smile: But I weigh in more on the developer support aspect.


The poll can be modified to include a "both" option.


I tried but the system told me that I cannot change the poll after 5 minutes of creation. Or am I missing something here?

Oh, I see. I just checked and yep... Since adding another poll chioce would skew the existing votes results... Discourse does not allow it.
I stand corrected.


I agree with Storm, I want both as well, because my reasons are both as well.


You could make a Poll version 2 with a multiple choice?
I wonder if it is also possible to have "Other reasons" as a choice and member adds a comment to it.

I have created this poll to substantiate my claim on the forum "most of us purchase Pro to support developers" notion. Due to my occupational trait, I always feel a bit uneasy each time I make this statement without knowing the exact numbers.

It is the first poll I have created and I am sure there are some shortcomings :sweat_smile:

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Yep, I can't use the poll because non of these apply to me, I'm using the core version.

Actually it is meant be for people who purchased Pro version.

I wanted to confirm what I believe - most of Pro users are getting it to support the Developer not for the 4 additional desktop themes (which some forum members criticize too expensive).

I certainly understand the concept behind saying "Both."

But I think the point in this is to demonstrate what is your Strongest Motive for choosing Zorin OS Pro.
If you must choose between the two... Which would you feel is the Stronger reason? It's not that a person cannot feel both reasons are valid.
It's that the poll wishes to learn the higher priority reason.

If "both" is an option, it is the easiest option... so most would probably just choose that and we wouldn't learn anything.


Good point.
If everyone select both then the result will be 50:50.
Not a very interesting result and I cannot claim that most of us selected Pro version to support developers.

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Not just that but- I think it wouldn't be very accurate. I think most people do know what it really was that made them choose Pro. And it wasn't everything. It was A particular Selling Point.


Actually now I really think about.... the support is 80% motivation and additional desktop theme and pre-installed apps are 20% motivation.


New Zorin is like a new car with a better engine. That why trying. If nothing a changed then why buying a car only with diffrent a colour?
Zorin is like Ferrari but every a car have a diffrents a parts. If something not working that means that part is copyright not belongs to Zorin - example APPLE=Windows

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I'm new to 16 Core (and Linux in general), which doesn't mean I won't eventually click on the Donate tab. My computing needs are simple (basic), so I don't know what I'd gain with going Pro. I don't need extras, nor basic support. Have to say I'm loving Zorin. :+1: Will probably install it on a 2nd computer.


I would have chosen both.

See this comment by @Aravisian above.


Yes on reflection, this is a valid point.