Why should i prefer Zorin over Ubuntu?

Zorin is based on Ubuntu...so why should I use Zorin instead of Ubuntu?


Zorin 16 is, at bottom, Ubuntu/Xbuntu 20.04, with all the functional, reliability and security plusses and minuses of Ubuntu/Xbuntu 20.04. The two are similar/identical in terms of functionality, reliability and security, and in terms of available applications. The two are so similar, in fact, that solutions to problems that arise with Zorin can often be found in Ubuntu/Xbuntu community forums.

Zorin's raison d'etre is to provide "A familiar desktop you already know how to use" for Linux adopters coming to Linux from other operating systems, primarily Windows and MacOS. The distinguishing characteristic of Zorin OS is the "Zorin Appearance" app that modifies the Gnome/XFCE desktop environments to provide layouts that feel like Windows, macOS, or Linux.

Zorin is designed to be a gateway to Linux that reduces the Linux learning curve for new individual or business adopters because the desktop environment is familiar -- providing a familiar look and feel. With that exception, Zorin is just another of a number of well-designed, well-implemented and well-maintained Ubuntu derivatives. Because Zorin provides a familiar look and feel, Zorin removes one hurdle for new adopters to overcome in the Linux learning curve.

So why choose Zorin over Ubuntu/Xbuntu? It basically comes down to the "Zorin Appearance App" -- desktop preference.


Tom pretty much said it all with his post. Zorin is built on Ubuntu yes, but Zorin is so much more.

If you've ever used straight Ubuntu, you will notice that it is boring as heck. Added to that, it is buggy as heck too. So when you combine a crummy looking desktop experience, with buggy core functionality, and constant kernel releases breaking your system, straight Ubuntu looses its popularity fast.

Zorin has many improvements under the hood, so many infact, that you notice them over the hood too. Zorin is far less buggy then straight Ubuntu. And Zorin offer more then just the Zorin Appearance that Tom talked about.

Zorin also offers Zorin Connect, and Zorin Dash. And if you buy the PRO version, it will come with all available layouts for you to choose from, as well as a bunch of APPS already installed for your convenience.

The Zorin brother's are working on Zorin OS 16 LITE as we speak, which classically in the past, used XFCE for all previous versions of Zorin OS. So logic dictates, Zorin OS 16, will also run on XFCE once its released.

We've been talking about OS 16 all over the forum, you can run a search for lots of different questions you might have about OS 16, and you'll more then likely find it.

And unlike some distro's who's developers got rid of their forums, and switched to a chatroom design. (Cause ya, they assume thats how everybody wants to communicate, in a chatroom) With Zorin we have a forum, your on it right now, and its awesome, and so are the people here.

So why not join the Zorin family, you'll receive STELLAR status from me, cause thats the way I role, and we will always be here to help you should you have any problems. :slightly_smiling_face:


Currently I'm using Zorin OS16 Pro for 3 weeks now. I love it. No problems, fast, stable and easy.
I switched from Windows 10 to Zorin, because MS don't want to support my intel I7 7700HQ cpu for windows 11. I'm really new on Linux and I'm looking around and seeing a lot of other distribution based on Ubuntu. I just asked myself, why not Ubuntu?
But better question is, why should i change? Zorin works, Ubuntu may also work but as i know it is not so much a out of Box distro as Zorin. (sorry for my english).
I'm using Zorin for Internet like Youtube, Facebook and accounting also for a little bit gaming (Steam). Games like Stellaris, Hearts of Iron IV or Rimworld working fine on Linux. I don't want to go back to Windows.

And thank you for the friendly respond. On some Ubuntu website a got a lot of toxic respond, for asking the same question.


I think you chose wisely. Zorin is designed to provide an easier transition for new adopters, but Zorin meets the needs of long-term Linux users as well.


I don't want you to go back to Windows either. Windows is bad, Linux is good. HEHE

I think its awesome that you have been getting so much great use out of Zorin OS 16. Looks like your doing a little bit of everything, and its not often that people say how they are using OS 16, so I appreciate the informative feedback!

I am also happy that you were able to do some gaming on Zorin OS 16, that is totally cool, super cool infact. :sunglasses:

Welcome to the Zorin family, you are pretty stellar. :star2:


I like the more polished look of Zorin OS than Ubuntu's default desktop. Yes I know I can make Ubuntu look pretty too.
But I don't want to spend the time to customize my desktop.
I spend enough time on computers daily (being a developer). I used to spend a lot of time doing customizing my desktop. Now I just want a stable non-mac, and non-windows OS that works. Zorin OS for me lets me do what i need to do.
I could use either Zorin OS, Mint, Ubuntu, mac os, windows, etc... I just like the prettier one.
Another reason is Zorin OS has a cool name like a 1980s Bond Villian.

Don't discount the lazy factor either. lol have a great day.


Haha we have the same cpu and same idea :sunglasses:


Yeah thanks!
Im just a "normie" User and looking forward to using Zorin OS16. I seeing a lot of changes on my Computer. My PC is silent (Under Windows it was loud). I guess it is more secure because of Linux. Everything run faster.


Correct, your pc was loud on Windows because it was spying on you with its telemetry mining.

Your Pc is quiet on Linux, cause your OS does nothing unless you tell it to.

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So am i, using zorin now for 6 weeks or so.


welcome to the world of open source and Zorin OS.


And working great out of the box so far.

Same positive experience here for me as well using Zorin since July. Blazing fast, pretty and stable. And this forum is by far and away the best I have encountered compared to other distros. I use both Mac and Windows for work but love my end of day and breaks with the Z.

Over the weekend I was trying out Plasma on Q4OS. It was a really beautiful experience too. Not sure I would say it was better than Zorin. But beautiful in a different way IMO. But their forum is in no way comparable to this one here at Zorin. Maybe an active, supportive community wouldn't be so important if I was very knowledgeable in Linux already. But I find this Zorin Forum indispensable as a newbie. And it is fun too!


I have been a PC user since the days of DOS and Windows 3.11. I have never liked the monopoly that MS had when it came to using a PC. I have in the past tried some different versions of Linux and even used Fedora for a few months several years ago. But I always ended up going back to Windows because I couldn't find the programs I needed that would work in Linux. A few months ago I decided to look at Linux again. I found Zorin 15 and decided to give it a try. I installed it as dual boot on my desktop which was running Windows 7. I quickly learned that there are now a ton of programs available for Linux to do almost anything you want to do. And the software installer makes it so much easier than using the CLI. It is not that I can't use the CLI because it is not that much different than when I used DOS way back when. But having an installer that just works is a great plus.

After joining this forum and spending some time here I found out that Zorin 16 was now available so I installed it as a dual boot on my laptop that was running Windows 10. After getting it installed I quickly learned that 16 has many more programs available because of using some more repositories.
I do a lot of home tinkering in electronics and other areas and have found programs for designing PCBs, doing Cad drawings and also have found some good resources for when I need to write a Sunday School lesson. The only area I have found lacking is that I would like to see a good flight simulator program for flying radio controlled planes and helicopters. The only one I have found is CRRCsim which seems to be laggy when running in Linux. But I will keep looking for a better one.

As far as this forum goes I am very impressed with the quick and courteous replies I see here. I have found out how to do several things just be doing a search and reading the replies. I like screen savers and I didn't know how to get one to work. Reading some replies I learned about xscreensaver. What a cool screen saver. It has some really nice looking and unique screensaver features. I also was having a problem with my software downloads and updates not working well with Zorin 16. They worked fine with Zorin 15. I saw a tip earlier today to change my download site by choosing the best site. That solved the problem.

Thanks so much to whoever takes the time to keep this forum going. It has certainly helped me a lot.



This is exactly what i did. In 2014 i tried linux mint, elemantory os, fedora, arch, manjaro and zorin. Arch was a pain in the ars and you have to build everything with commands. My laptop back in that time had a gtx 485m card (clevo p170hm). Arch based distros was working great, but my favorite one back then was Linux Mint 17 cinnamon. Sadly it was freezing every day. When i wanted help on the forum i got rarely help, they always talk about "it's your hardware" "your nvidia card is the problem". I had no other choice then to switch back to windows 7. Also gaming was a big drama on linux, since steam is in the linux market its getting better and better for gamers. Lutris is doing a great job these days as well. Linux overall is very stable compared to years back, didnt had 1 single crash with my gtx 1070 (freezing) and nvidia has very good driver support.

Running zorin os 16 since august 2016 and i am very happy with it. I did not like the way ms went with windows 10 and i dont like the way with windows 11 forcing you to buy new hardware to run a updated windows 10 aka windows 11. Windows 10 didnt boot up much anymore :joy:. Love it how ms is pushing users away

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Simple. Try them both for a few weeks, month. Then you tell us what your choice is. We'll still be here.

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My computer is older. Cannot installation windows 10. Every 5 years they changed operating system. Internet is the same only bussiness is changing to take from us a money. Example for my computer the producent out drivers from websides. If I don't have a cd plate or copy backup drivers then hard to find on web. If someone told me technology with personal computer are better and faster? Yes quantum PC ofcourse. Besides new PC are building for new games.

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Yes over 30 years linux birthday what was this a year. Linux Zorin take a big changing.
Michel I heard you are specialist with gaming.
I need help my games what working before not working again after fresh installation.

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BTW guys, when I had a serious issue with the Nvidia TESTED driver, which I have since learned is different from the PROPRIETARY driver, (I know so confusing!) I made a post on Gforce forums for Nvidia.

I was completely appalled the way that I was treated there. First of all, if I had seen on Nvidia's website, that they had a different forum site for Linux users, I would have gone there ok, but I didn't. When you go to Nvidia looking for support, you find the Gforce community forums I guess its called.

Instead of them being kind and courteous, and actually trying to help me. They treated me like an idiot, and were completely annoyed with me, and gave me this attitude about how I should click on their link to another site to ask people who use Linux for a living.

And thats another thing, it wasn't even the same site! Its a totally different site that I would have had to create another account for, ridiculous! Is this how Nvidia expects people to get support? Cause if it is, I officially fire them! And I loved how they assumed that it was somehow my problem.

Turns out, the Nvidia 470 TESTED driver was completely faulty, a total screw up on Nvidia's end. That is not something I could magically fix, no matter how much support I got. It was Nvidia's screw up, its up to them to fix it.

Well, after putting in my report about the faulty driver that totally didn't work, about a week later I noticed that Additional Drivers got updated with Nvidia 470 PROPRIETARY. Like I said guys, believe it or not, totally different driver.

So I am going to have to agree with what has been said in here. When it comes to how someone is treated looking for support, we here at the Zorin community and family, are a cut above the rest. Alright, I have said my piece, I'll go now, rant over. lol