Why you should stay with Chrome

Since most people are in a web browser most of the time and 80% use Chrome/Edge, sticking with Chrome makes the transition to Linux much easier. It works exactly the same, aside from scrolling being painfully slow. But this can be easily fixed with the Linux Scroll Speed Fix extension.

Also, set font size to Large.

If you have an older PC with onboard graphs, turn off hardware acceleration otherwise vids will be choppy. This seems to be enabled by default on Chrome for Linux, tho never was on my Windows PCs.

Finally, you can create shortcut icons for websites. More tools/create shortcut. The shortcut it creates on your desktop won't work (delete it) but it will create a link in Start/Chrome apps which you can use to make a shortcut on your taskbar or desktop with the site's icon. Manage them with the Main Menu app or chrome://apps.

I use Chromium when needed, as in a website is giving issues with Firefox.

I also haven't found scrolling slow at all on Chromium.

I like it better because it's not bogged down with all the Google stuff plus way more private. I also don't use Edge because I don't want MS and Google watching everything I do either.

One of the reasons I use Linux over Windows is because I don't like what I'm doing being sent to MS, the same holds true for using anything Google.


I like being spied on by Google. They give me a news feed of stuff I'm actually interested in. I'm not afraid of them. I already use Android so they know my politics. Glad they do and that they are the opposite of theirs.



Google puts you in a bubble that you are only fed what you are interested in. This ultimately leads to a skewed view, since you never see information that may not fit into the bubble you are assigned.
For an individual, this may have the illusion of being inconsequential. But in a society, the consequences are enormous.
Google knows peoples politics and only feeds them information that validates or reinforces their views - creating huge political divides.
While this was not Google's intention; (they just wanted to make more money), the results are very real and heading headlong into catastrophe.

The reason people dislike FaceBook and Google Spying is not because people feel their privacy is invaded (though for many, that is a major factor); it is because the results of that spying increase Bias, Misinformation, ignorance and personal self-validation. It is warping sense of reality, as people only see what a corporation wants them to see. Instead of being able to accurately observe reality, people are being soothed by the "reality" that fits you - and it appears you have fallen for it, hook, line and sinker.



I don't like chrome , I tried brave , it's good , but I switched to ms edge, I think ms edge will be the king of all soon , it's the best browser not only for browsing but also for reading pdf, I prefer using it for reading more than native pdf apps. and they still add features to it

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Tried Edge for Linux and could not edit the new tab page. It's really Chrome anyway.

Firefox and Brave for Linux

In Windows Edge, did not test Edge on Linux, but is a good browser.

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I use Vivaldi .... it is based on Chromium but along with DDG as my search engine it is with out all the algorithms created by google ....


Chrome is the fastest browser by a long way in most benchmarks but I've just switched to Vivaldi and loving it so far!


I think it's up to personal preference, I use Firefox but you can use any other browser because the experience is not much different. I don't think you would notice which browser is faster or slower. Even though you did it is only a couple of seconds.

I don't think it's slow, I got used to using the scroll bar. I know on Windows you can middleclick and it will autoscroll.

I have chrome installed to use google maps as a stand alone app. I gave up on the idea of having a customized home page/ news feed back in the AOL days. Web browser based communities and services have been around for years and interaction with them is personal choice . I don't blame companies for farming information I blame the lack of regulation and/or laws that that allow them to get away with it.

I use EDGE beta in Linux because I observed that edge beta in noticeably faster than stable edge

Vivaldi hmmm...
I have tried it, but it is more an Operting system than a web browser
I didn't like it moved back to edge

Normally I like Opensource apps more than proprietary garbage
But in the case of browser, its different I didnt like any of the FOSS browsers in the market and am not a fan of chrome so sticking to edge

When it comes to Microsoft Edge...I want them to spy on me because I want them to know that I use linux.

Firefox seems all right but it is the complete opposite of Vivaldi. Vivaldi is much configurable than any other browser. In fact, Vivaldi is so much different than any other chromium browser (except for Opera, where it seems to have some similarities) that it has been successful in creating an identity of it's own much less like Edge which looks like a reskinned google chrome.

Firefox on the other hand is not configurable at all and most of the configurations are possible only due to "addons" just like GNOME. Although it doesn't affect usability much, it does hamper the workflow, when you can't configure the browser like you want it to be. Moreover, you can't do a simple image search which comes in handy when you are looking for original source of an image or trying to extract wallpapers from screenshots of other people's desktops (yes, I do that). You can't even set a background in Firefox and when you use an addon to get a nice looking new tab page, it displays a banner kind of thing in the address bar naming the extension that manages the new tab page. I used to use Firefox before the chromium browsers and I liked it but then the frequent full point releases and the constant UI changes made me switch.

Now, I am addicted to Vivaldi. I tried using Brave, Edge, Chromium and gave Firefox few more chances but I found myself coming back to Vivaldi every time.


Just a little background info ..... some of the developers of Opera became displeased with the direction Opera was going so they left and started a new browser naming it Vivaldi .... I used Opera for a long while but switched to Vivaldi once it was fairly stable .... and never looked back since .....

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I knew I had read about the reason he left Opera but I had to look it back up as my memory ain't what it used to be .... here is part of the article and interview he gave someone ....

             An Interview With Vivaldi Browser’s CEO Jon S. von Tetzchner

We had faced a difficult situation for about 7 years with the investors at Opera. Some of them did not believe in the company and to set up the company for sale was always on their mind. I had my disagreements as I have always believed that the right thing is to focus on building great products and a great company. After 7 years of fighting, I was exhausted and decided to give others the chance to run the company, hoping it would allow the company to continue growing. Sadly, I was wrong and the company is now sold or at least the browser part to a Chinese conglomerate.

Opera changed direction after I left the company. Not only as a company but also on the product side. Instead of building feature rich products based on user feedback, Opera started building limited products. This left a lot of users unhappy, users that had supported us for years. We felt the need to provide for those users and all those that want a user centric browser, so we started working on Vivaldi

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