Wi-fi not detected in HP Pavilion ec1019au

Hello. Laptop's processor is AMD Ryzen™ 5-5625U.
I booted into Zorin Live medium successfully and I liked it very much and when I tried to install it, realized that Wi-Fi hardware was not detected. From Windows I could see hardware details as Realtek RTL8852BE Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax PCIe Adapter. Just to cross check I tried Ubuntu 23.04 Live in which Wi-Fi was working. Why couldn't Zorin detect Wi-fi?
Note that it could detect Bluetooth.
What's my next step?


did u select an option to install 3rd party drivers when u were installing zorin os? also was the wifi working in zorin live?
note that zorin 16.2 (latest version of zorin) is based on ubuntu 20.04 and not 23.04

I've got the Realtek RTL8822CE WiFi and the same exact CPU as you on an HP laptop (17-cp1035cl).

sudo apt install linux-oem-20.04d

sudo apt show linux-oem-20.04d
Package: linux-oem-20.04d
Priority: optional
Section: kernel
Source: linux-meta-hwe-5.15
Origin: Ubuntu
Maintainer: Ubuntu Kernel Team <kernel-team@lists.ubuntu.com>
Bugs: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug
Installed-Size: 20.5 kB
Depends: linux-generic-hwe-20.04
Download-Size: 1,900 B
APT-Sources: http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu focal-updates/main amd64 Packages
Description: Complete OEM Linux kernel and headers

You might also have to upgrade to a kernel >= 5.16.

If that doesn't work, you can try the drivers below:

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@Mr_Magoo 's solution worked but just answering your questions too for future reference -
I booted to Live Zorin and I did not reach the step to select the option to install 3rd party drivers. Wifi didn't load in Live medium too. A drawback in this laptop is lack of ethernet port. One good hint that you gave me in your comment is telling me Zorin is based on Ubuntu 20.04 which is few years old and hence may be not up to date software wise. So, I'm going back to Ubuntu.

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Thanks for the solution!

I'm using the HRex39's repo for wifi and it is not working properly sometimes. Speed is decreasing and ping is increasing inconsistently. Also, bluetooth driver is misbehaving. It is showing all devices with name "Unknown" and sometimes it is showing names properly.
Can you please tell me which driver worked perfectly for you out of all?
I'm particularly interested in git.kernel.otg repo which seems to be written by Realtek employees. How to build it and use?
I tried make command in /wireless-drivers-next-2021-12-23/drivers/net/wireless/realtek/rtw89 but it is saying no rules to make target

Do you have the same processor as mine?
Zorin is based on Ubuntu 20.04 which has a kernel that doesn't support some latest hardware.
I tried installing latest kernels in Zorin but it threw errors during boot up.

Post edited to reflect the current state.


I took back my words. I'm using zorin as my daily driver actually. No complaints till now after wifi started working. Waiting for the next major release.

Hardware drivers are installed and removed by the modprobe command. They don't need to be "made" (compiled) to be installed.

You could try upgrading the kernel. Several members have done this to support newer hardware. You can also upgrade the firmware, but is much more risky and difficult to find which firmware you need.