WiFi 6 AX101 and touchpad don't work

is there a way to install the wifi 6 ax101 drivers. I also can't get my touchpad to work, I am looking for info on google but I can't find anything about it.

its hardware id is


and I think the driver in use from the inf file is

%HID_DEVICE_TOUCH_PAD% =                  HID_Raw_Inst,, hid_device_up:000d_u:0005

To the best of my knowledge, the AX101 drivers have been held by the manufacturer. As they have not supplied these drivers to the Linux Kernel, it does not have current support on Linux.
Intels builds of Wifi6 have a pretty general reputation on GnuLinux for having spotty support.
RealTek has the lead in the wireless market.
The general workaround is to pick up an inexpensive Wifi Dongle that has Wifi Support.


Have you first tried

sudo apt install --reinstall xserver-xorg-input-synaptics

If that does not work, remove it:

sudo apt remove xserver-xorg-input-synaptics


sudo apt install --reinstall xserver-xorg-input-libinput

Re:Where to get Linux driver for Intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX101? - Intel Community <-- A few posts down, someone from Intel reviews the driver (AX101) and are held in the 6.1.x and 6.2.x kernels.

Might just need a kernel update! :grin:

Thanks for the info, the problem is that my laptop doesn't have an ethernet port. I would have to et a dongle or find a way to install the kernel offline.

Thanks I will try that.

After that comment, the users continue to say that it does not work.
I ran a HwProbe with LinuxHardware and it states that

  • Xero Rolling release
  • Arch Rolling release

Are the only Linux distros showing support for Wifi6 AX101.
Noteworthy: Xero Rolling Release is based on Arch Rolling Release.
Both are using the 6.5.2 kernel.

That is actually based on only one probe. Digging deeper, I noticed that machine is using wifi6 AX210 and an AX101 listed as a "subsystem".
Both of those probes appear to have been run on the same machine: Acer Aspire A315-58

I did some "Online Shopping" for Acer Aspire A315-58 model and could find AX210 listed... But only previous cards listed the further I went. Fascinating.

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My laptop is named Chuwi Gemibook Pro 14 with an alder lake cpu. N5100.

I actually installed arcolinux the other day to check if it had internet with the linux kernel 6.4 and it did. But the touchpad still didn't work.

Can you use Phone tethered with USB to use as Hotspot to temporarily get net access in order to install the higher kernel?

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Didn't catch that first read through - did see a suggested backport-iwlwifi DKMS driver and Zorin does have that package in apt!

Second the USB tethering!

I saw that as well. I remain pessimistic, perhaps for good reasons. I would rather be wrong in my suspicions than hopeful but disappointed.

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I've never shared internet via usb with my phone. I will try and report back. Thank you guys for trying to help.

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The weirdest thing happened. When I logged in the Touchpad worked perfectly, then I proceeded to upgrade the kernel and installed 6.4. After rebooting the machine now the wifi works perfectly and the touchpad doesn't.

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Does it register the device; can you make changes in Settings?

Now, that's an odd result..

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I am getting some error messages during boot. is there a way to read those once I'm in Zorin?

Maybe, sudo cat /var/log/boot.log?

That will show the boot process as you're splash is displaying.

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I'm not seeing anything. I think I shouldn't have updated to such a new Kernel because now I have no audio either. I didn't tested the audio before updating, though. I will try going back to an older kernel.

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What did you update to? I've seen some talks about getting a 6.5 kernel installed and it working - 16.3 is supposed to have kernel 6.2 but Lite still has 5.15 - #31 by Aravisian

Didn't sound like that was the fix though..

I should have prefaced that: if you didn't do any updates or change any configs with the kernel that didn't work, you should be able to use the advanced startup option in GRUB and choose the previous version.

Also - this came with Windows installed, right? What steps did you take before installing Zorin? I had one heck of a hootin time with the little Gateway and Mint - didn't do this and that before booting and installing. First time I've ever experienced it myself. I had to end up reinstalling Win, disabling all the features outlined in the 'before you install' section, fiddle with BIOS options, then it worked. For some issues, I've found that just booting the Win installer, clicking some options but not changing any permanent settings, shutting down (not rebooting), then proceeding with booting Linux - and all is well. Weird - just, weird..

Did wifi work with the Zorin live disk; or the other live disk?

No, wifi didn't work. I had to upgrade to the 6.5 kernel. I've found out since then that 6.4 has wifi as well. as for the touchpad problem I discovered that disabling d3cold from the BIOS' ACPI settings solved the problem. Now all that's left is figuring out why no matter what I do I have no sound. Output devices keep showing "Dummy Output"

Hey, sounds good! The.. wifi, not the sound..

Sound - yeah had some 'dummy output' myself.. on a dual-boot. Had to boot into Windows, shutdown, then power on, and boot into Zorin - sound active! I have Intel "Smart Sound Technology" (I put quotes cause I think it's dumb..).

So, try this - boot into a Windows installer (USB or disc), click around a bit, maybe look through some options but do not change anything permanent!! I.e., no partition changes, no installing, etc.. and then shutdown.

I've revived my sound this way after installing, not Zorin, but after installing Linux - but also not shutting down, just rebooting. Windows takes over the sound bus on new systems, especially during a warm-boot - fun, right? :joy: I try to keep a light heart on some of this stuff - just because I know how frustrating it can be..

The days of just nuking a HDD/SSD and installing Linux to just work - are done.. Secure boot, Fast startup, new Windows stuff taking over hardware during warm-boots - all stuff that I've had to learn myself through the last few years. The sound problem drove me insane.. the installer played, at full volume, the Zorin start sound - pleasant.. but gots the ringin in me ears now :rofl: jk.. light hearted thing agian..

Give that a shot - see if that helps, if it doesn't - we're here for anything you need! I'm on east coast time (US here), so might be a bit of a delay - but tons of good guys and gals here! :smile: