WiFi 6GHz Support?

Since my Home Network missing IP (can't connect on my Internet), I hosted my phone instead (Unlimited Data) and I select WiFi 6 GHz and that didn't detect. When I select 5 GHz, my network found. I know my driver support 6 GHz, since Windows detecting it

It's probably not supported in the kernel 5.15. You might want to try a kernel 6.x.x for that.


And how I install 6.x.x ?

Back up first, as you can brick your system.


In this case, I recommend the TuxInvader option listed first.

I tried to use virtual machine before doing real machine, it didn't go so well

I successfully upgrade Kernel 6, and my mobile WiFi cannot detect my Internet. Here is the output from the terminal.


I can't help you further than that. I only got 5G myself, which works without a hitch. So I don't know what to look for.

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