Wifi connectivity problem

Hi, I face Wi-Fi connectivity the problem in zorin 16 core, I don't know why? Whenever I install updates, I face this issue every time question mark symbol is appear. It's totally stuck, internet is working fine and no any issue, all devices attach with same Wi-Fi all are ok but this zorin OS 16 core machine is not working fine. And also internet speed is too slow sometimes.

How to solve this issue ? Is it a some kind of bug or something else?

Note:it happens not every time

If the kernel is updated, then it probably is because you are using an installed wifi driver without DKMS
Please post the output of

sudo lshw -c network


inxi -n


sudo apt install backport-iwlwifi-dkms

sort this out?

Watch the terminal and say if you see

rror! The /var/lib/dkms/backport-iwlwifi/8324/5.13.0-28-generic/x86_64/dkms.co
nf for module backport-iwlwifi includes a BUILD_EXCLUSIVE directive which
does not match this kernel/arch

Yes, I see it.


You might try rolling back to a working or Working LTS kernel... (Do you remember which it was?)
If that works, we can lock that kernel in place to prevent this issue in future by preventing the system from default booting into the latest installed kernel.

Apologize, I cannot understand what you are trying to say?...

In terminal please run

uname -r

Relay which kernel you are using.

Then, try to remember when you last had working internet.


Half hour ago it's working fine. And still now it's working perfectly.

Ok... So the internet currently is fine or the internet connection on Zorin OS is working fine?

Yes now it's working fine, its problem appear randomly sometimes


In that case... I would say, let's lock your kernel in... and wait for the next updates to see if the problem returns.

Thank you, I will lock the kernel, Seriously, when you are working or in a meeting and internet is gone, it's totally a headache. :face_with_head_bandage:

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