Wifi driver (dlink dwa-182)

As far as I can tell from this output, your WiFi dongle is recognized by OS.
What made you to think that it is not recognized?

There is no wifi right at the left bottom of taskbar. Also, on the setting, I cannot see wifi.

Maybe the device is not recognized and the logs you see in lusb command is becuase I installed many drivers since yesterday

bottom right

Screenshot from 2021-08-28 12-45-06

Have you checked this page?

yes I did it all but did not work

I have 2 Dlink wifi adapter, one is dwa-182, another is dwa-120. both do not work on Zorin OS

Interesting thing's that, both of my dlink wifi adapters, when I plug them in and run lususb command, they are both recognized but they are not listed in setting as wifi adapters and not shown on the taskbar

OK, it is now getting beyond my capability.
I will ask @Aravisian to see if he could help you.
He is way more experienced than me when it comes to Zorin OS.

I appreciate. Kinldy let me know

It works now :grinning:
I plug out wifi adapter from the USB3 port on the front of my pc and connected the dongle to usb3 on the back panel of pc and restarted Zorin and it worked. It was really ridiculous :smile:

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and now, when I plug it on front usb3 ports, it workes as well. I rally do not understand the logic behind it :smile:
anyway, I really appreciate your time and support

By the way, is there any remote desktop like that in windows, I am wondering to connect to another pc by remote desktop but I cannot find it on Zorin

I use VNC to remote into our Wordpress server on the same network.


It is free for a personal use.

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I should have asked you to try the different the USB port :sweat_smile:
As you just experienced not all USB pots behave the same way.
I will mark this thread as solved so that the people with the same problem can find this thread easily.

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When you do suggest it, it doesn't. That's the forum.

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