WiFi network with two WiFi adapters but only one has a cog

My laptop has an inbuilt WiFi and an external USB (TP-Link AC600) with antenna. Both show up in Network Connections and each have their own tab, but while the inbuilt one works the AC600 shows my router name but there's no 'cog' to the right of it to allow me to connect using that instead. I need to use the AC600 as the antenna has a much better signal.

What am I missing?

Have you tried removing before, then inserting the USB wifi adpater after ZorinOS is running?

From websearch of "TP-Link AC600 ubuntu 22.04". Maybe something here will help you.

Have you solved this, as I see you have another thread here. Selecting from two WiFi connections . To avoid confusing us, can you please keep to one thread or mark the old one as "Solved" if true.

Thanks for the links, I've now tried both of those but still no luck - if I go into Settings then WiFi the AC600 has its own tab but there's still no 'cog' to the right of the router name.

Alternatively, is there a USB WiFi adapter with antenna that will work with Zorin 'out of the box' with no config issues?

I'll mark the other thread as solved, thanks. Or I'll delete it if I can.

I have CLOSED your other thread.

So from that we understand you have got the AC600 wifi dongle working.
You say there is no settings "cog" against that USB adapter, but there is for the internal wifi adapter.
To be clear, is your remaining issue asking how set the USB as default wifi adapter instead of the internal wifi adapter, without any settings cog for that adapter showing?

From my reading, I see some have solved the issue temporarily by booting an older linux kernel via grub "Additional Options for Zorin".

If you are thinking to get an alternative (linux compliant) USB wifi dongle, maybe this info will help you: USB-WiFi/home/USB_WiFi_Adapters_that_are_supported_with_Linux_in-kernel_drivers.md at main · morrownr/USB-WiFi · GitHub