Wifi problem. Zorin 16 Beta

hi,i just installed zorin os i go additional driver and select my wifi drive rtl8821-ce dkms, i click apply changes,,but it say error while applying changes,pk-client-error-quark script subprocess returned error exit status 10(313),i need help

How much free space is available in the Root Partition of your drive? Your error implies that space is limited.
Using gparted, you can expand partition sizes...

There is another thread that relates to problem with that wifi device, which may or may not be of interest:

Which version and flavour of ZorinOS do you have e.g. Zorin 15.3 Core or Lite etc, Z16Beta?

Zorin os 16 beta

I have edited the title of this thread to refer to Z16 Beta, which may highlight to devs.

@memmed Regarding your error. Can you please answer question asked by @Aravisian re your Root partition size.
Maybe you can include a Gparted screenshot.

Z16Beta is based on Ubuntu 20.04, so you can always try a websearch using " rtl8821-ce dkms Ubuntu 20.04"

i removed zorin os ,because wifi problem,and install linux mint,,now wifi working