Will the new firmware update for Zorin have more customizable options?

That thread you pointed to me says that I should type - 'gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.peripherals.touchpad tap-to-click true' in terminal but that did not work for me.

I need another solution!

I wonder if it only works on pure ubuntu?

It's the same advice here:

This page gives a GUI alternative option - see if that helps but it does mean reverting to GDM.

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There's a setting in dconf-editor that'll handle that.

sudo apt install dconf-editor

Be careful with Dconf-Editor... you can really mess your system up badly if you set the wrong settings on some things. It'll warn you about this when you start it up.

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you can really mess your system up badly .... yes you can

If I'm going to change something there I always like to take a screenshot before and after what I would like to change in case something goes sideways ..... at least I can change it back to what it was if I don't like the results .....

Hmm, I won't mess around with Dconf-Editor but I really want to change the things I mentioned previously somehow...

I've now switched back from SDDM to GDM via the terminal.

Alright, the bottom link tap-to-click guide actually worked - it is based on the Ubuntu 22.04 OS and GDM. So does this mean Zorin 16.2 (released in Oct 2022) based on Ubuntu 22.04?

Now how can I customize the login screen to whatever I wish on GDM?

No, Zorin 16.2 is not based on Ubuntu 22.04 - that will be forked to Zorin 17 in due course.

In respect of theming either use that youtube video link I posted or take a look at this but do so at your own risk. Remember, Gnome Devs don't like anyone modifying anything they have made!

Well as long a tool or software is open source, Anybody can modify it any way they want.

Does this show me a bunch of login screen themes to pick and choose from?

What was this comment referring to?

No it just points to global themes:

How do I change the Username box font colour?
I do not want it to remain white.

I guess you would have to dig deep and look at the .css files to amend, something I have never done. Guess I am easy to please! :grin: :


I've already changed the login screen theme but how do I change the colour font of the login user box?

I have stated in my last post you will need to edit the .css files of the different themes. I am no coder. @Storm can you advise?

Probably change ffffff to 000000 in the css file.

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