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Does not work. I run the program’s .exe and get the prompt to install Windows App Support. Then I get an error that Package dependencies cannot be resolved. I just installed Zorin on a blank drive and wanted to see if I can a couple of my Windows programs to run on Zorin. It looks like there is no easy way to install Windows App Support on Zorin. Why doesn’t the Windows App Support install program go get the other parts it needs? Where do I download and install the other programs that are needed? Why are they not listed? Is Zorin broken already? Should I format and install again? It has only been up and running about 20 minutes.

Davidaddy2, could you please open a terminal by pressing the ctrl key , alt key and the t key at the same time.
Paste into it the following:

sudo apt install -y zorin-windows-app-support

and hit enter.

The other dependencies are listed if you read the terminal output, as well.

Hi @davidaddy2, welcome to the forum. I’d be happy to help you with this.

In order to fix this issue, please try installing the latest updates in Zorin OS by opening the Zorin menu > System Tools > Software Updater.

Afterwards, double clicking on a Windows .exe/.msi installer file and selecting “Install Windows App Support” should work for you.

Install windows-app-support in ur ZORIN (mine is zorin 15 lite) no lines of codes to do, the install is automatic from the app repository, then go and fetch PORTABLE WINDOW apps, open them in a different folder…then go to that new folder in ur files and seek for the decompressed exe of ur softvare, right click on it, it will open a window with multiple choices, choose to open wit wine…and normaly, it appears, i use photofiltre n sumatra from window in my ZORIN

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