Windows not recognized by grub bootloader

Hi, I have installed ZorinOS 16 on a separate drive and windows 10 on another drive. when I update grub it does not see the windows boot manager. I remember that you need to install a few programs to have grub find the windows boot manager but don't remember which ones I need. Zorin is on the first drive and windows on the second drive. I know that the windows drive is set for efi but not sure with the Zorin drive. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Can you please open a terminal and run (Please ensure your windows drive is plugged in and running):

sudo os-prober

If Windows is spotted, then run

sudo update-grub

and relay your results?

If you installed grub on the external drive with Zorin, you will need to change the boot order to see and use it. If you reinstall grub, this time choosing the first (windows) drive efi partition, it will overwrite the windows bootloader, but give you the option of windows or Zorin.

The easiest method to do this is run the installer once again, choose something else, do not format root or home, just choose the grub (bootloader) efi partition on the first drive.