Wine 6.0.3 repack-1-zorin+1

je voudrait changer la version de wine que j'ai d'installer sur mon zorin.
J'ai essayer plusieurs méthode mais rien de fonctionne. soit cela ne fonctionne pas soi cela me réinstaller la version de base que j'ai sur mon zorin qui et la version 6.0.3 repack-1-zorin+1, mais pour faire se que je veut il me faut au moins la version 6.15 de wine

merci d'avance pour votre aide


Hello I would like to change the version of Wine I have to install on my Zorin.
I tried several methods but nothing works. either it does not work or it reinstall me the basic version I have on my Zorin which and version 6.0.3 Repack-1-Zorin+1, but to do what I want I need at least version 6.15 of Wine
Thanks in advance for your help
Kind regards


The preferred way to install Wine on ZorinOS is Zorin Windows App Support from Software store or terminal. But I believe that only includes Wine version 6.0.3 as stable version.

As noone else has yet replied. I have done a brief subject search on the forum. This thread may be of interest.

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