Wine and VM for (non game) productivity apps

With Wine, it is possible.

Yes, but installing office 2013 and later is very difficult...I wanted to ask how installed office. (if those were not custom icons)

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Ah, I see.
You are absolutely right!
The last MS office I managed to use satisfactory was Office 2003.
The main reason I started use VM Windows.

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The main reason I started using VM Windows was AutoCAD.

Office 2007 works fine with Wine, but I would rather use LibreOffice.

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I think I skipped that version and I only have Office 2010.

Oops, did I derail the discussion again? :sweat_smile:
I will ask Aravisian I will try to make a new thread for Wine compatibility and advantage of VM for productivity software. I think discussions I saw were all related to Windows games.

Now we are transferred to the new thread.
I think I managed to chant spells in a correct manner this time.

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Libre Office, at least in my opinion, is a perfect replacement for Microsoft Office. It has allowed me to do anything that I ever did in MS Office, and hasn't left me for any need.

Of course, since I haven't been in school for many years, I don't use it like I used to. And when the review site I used to write reviews professionally for went under, I no longer need to write in Libre either. So now, I rarely use it lol.

To be honest, last time I used Libre, was to copy and paste my registration email of Zorin OS 16 PRO into it, and print it out on my HP printer lol.


I like what they are doing with libre office but anyone who has used microsoft office will agree the MS Office is way better than libre office...and also very convenient. I am using Libre office for the past few days and my experience with it has not been very good so far. I need to google everything like, "how to change default font in...?; "Why is Times New Roman missing?"; "How to have different headers in different pages?" and most answers are very difficult as well.

I guess this is not the fault of libre office...Its linux.

Because of the copyright issue, Linux cannot include this font in the distribution.
Microsoft fonts are free as in beer but not free as in speech.
You can install them easily.

but you must agree to the EUA before installing them.


Almost but not completely.

The keyword is "Macro".

Not all macros in MS office work properly in LibreOffice.
For many Excel/Word users including myself macros are indispensable.


You can even use pivot tables, just yesterday I was learning to use pivot tables in LibreOffice :slight_smile: But reading the other users I guess some advanced macros might not run properly... yet...

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