Wireless Driver Not in Use (rtl8821ce)

Although my wireless driver is installed, it is not in use. How can I fix?

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It appears to be stating that it is using the driver that came from the kernel and not the one with proprietary blobs on. Is your wifi working? It does not indicate that the Wifi is not in use, just the proprietary driver.

In terminal write: sudo apt-get install mokutil && mokutil --sb-state

If secure boot is enabled disable it in bios and run this command.

In terminal write: sudo apt-get install rtl8821ce-dkms

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The OP snapshot clearly states the DKMS driver is in use! :wink:

The driver is already installed but it's awfully bad (coming with Linux kernel). I thought it would be better if the proprietary driver was installed.
I knew it had to say "1 Proprietary drivers are in use" for the driver to be in use.

Hello! The driver has been placed in the standard repository, so you just need to run the command:

1 sudo apt install rtl8821ce-dkms


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Yet another looping phenomenon is observed :crazy_face:
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