WordPerfect on Zorin

I use WordPerfect every day and have since version 4.2

I understand that the US Department of Justice uses WordPerfect still.

I agree that it is the best word processor written.

I am not smart enough to use MS Word or even the free word processors.

I need to run WordPerfect 2021 on Zorin, but so far we have not been able to do that. We have tried WINE and Play on Linux.

I would much prefer not to have to maintain a Windows 10 box even in a virtual setup.

I would appreciate any help in getting WordPerfect to run on Zorin 16.

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I preffered Wordstar to Wordperfect, although I think WP had more features. Like all app's, today's "word processors" are their bloated grandchildren.

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I just looked up CrossOver Linux which is essentially a paid (bit easier) version of Wine.

About the only version which works reasonably seems to be WP12.

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I made a new thread dedicated to WordPerfect :star2:

Thank You FrenchPress

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I have been using VM Windows for years since I have to use this very specific database software which only works under Windows.

Virtualized Windows is much easier to maintain since one can easily make a back up by copying a directory for VM.

It is aslo easy to move VM Windows from one machine to another in case the host machine is down.

If you do not mind a propriatory (closed source) app, I recommend VMWare over VirtualBox for Windows virtualization.

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