Workspaces(virtual desktops) in zorin lite16 xfce4

workspaces customization is very poor in xfce4 zorin lite.
Is there a ways to customize taskbar for each workspace . these feature is in windows10 and in other linux environments like kde,gnome

Changed from Customization to General.

sorry carmar, can u explain more, i can't understand what do u mean.

If you look at Customization - Zorin Forum - the Customization category has a description. The description states that the category is to share links/info - dissemination of information. Chat/Tutorial/Feedback are also similar dissemination categories.

If you have questions, I recommend they be asked under General/Hardware/Installing. The purpose is that when others are looking to answer similar questions, they will typically prioritize solved threads in their search (I know I do). This provides a better searchable database through accurate categorization.

ok,thank u

Is this feature present in Gnome? I never came across it in Windows, either.

sorry about my bad question what I mean that i wanted the opened apps' in linux in certain workspace to not be appeared in taskbar when i swatch to other workspaces.
and I found the solution by YOU from anther post here in the community. How to hide open apps from other workspaces in the panel?
so what i did is : 1- from menu click zorin appearance
2-from layout click the right one
3-click on taskbar and click panel and click panel performance
4-click items tab and chose window buttons and click on eye icon to edit
5-in filter uncheck show windows from all workspaces .

Ah, I see what you wanted, now. I did misunderstand... I thought you wanted the taskbar itself to have a Different layout, on each Workspace. And that, as far as I know, is not possible.

Thank u again, because I'm not native English speaker, I asked the question with wrong way

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