World of Warcraft

Does anyone know of a guide for installing World of Warcraft on Zorin / Linux?

I'm quite happy with the Zorin work horses I've set up, and my kids have made an almost seamless transition. I want to install Zorin on a gaming desktop (I don't want to Dual Boot) but we're all WOW players here so this is kind of an important issue. I'd like to make a 100% switch but this is the only issue holding us back.


Outside of this forum, I recommend asking here if you have any questions: World of Warcraft 64 bit | GamersOnLinux
And using PlayOnLinux. A PlayOnLinux guide can be found here: Walkthrough/Tips for troubleshooting - PlayOnLinux (POL) - running Windows applications easier than plain vanilla Wine

We should be able to answer most questions on this forum but you’ll have to be specific about them as they come up.


Thank You

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