Would you like zorin as daily driver and why?

I used linux for almost 2 years now I tried all Ubuntu based distros and some non-ubuntu based too.
I have tried Ubuntu,solus,pop,linux mint, monjaaro,zorin 15 & 16,etc.
But always changed the os due to some issues like glitching, flickering screen or something else
For most of my life I used windows and I never liked it, I never used Mac or iOS so I don't know how they are.

So please tell me if there's some beginner,who uses Ubuntu /zorin as daily driver or in dual boot with mac/windows.

Actually I am a student and I want this for new hardware like i5 11th gen or ryzen5 5th gen or M1.

So,please share your experiences :relaxed:!

You would be pleased to meet another distro hoper on the forum.


I use Zorin OS exclusively as "daily driver".
I do not even use WINE. Eventually, this will probably have to change.


Welcome, and I totally understand you. But my distro hopping is not because I have bugs, issues etc, it is because I like to experiment, research etc.

I tried Ubuntu, Ubuntu based distros, Debian, Arch and Arch based distros, Fedora, OpenSuse, Elementary, Solus etc.

And now I am with Zorin 16 Pro, it is my daily driver. Why ? hm, find my thread in Feedback section xD


Hi, yes i use zorin 16 pro as my go-to PC for audio editing , Video Editing and a little bit of fun on steam with war thunder. I have tried many many linux distros over the years and it looks like i have gone to ground with zorin o/s, for now.


I'm going to bed so I'll make this short. I don't distro hop, not since I settled on two OS's. Zorin OS, and POP OS. Only OS's you will ever need. :clap:


I used to be a distro hopper myself, then many years of Windows 7-8-8.1-10 usage, but now only Zorin 16 Core, waiting for the direct upload capability, then Zorin 16 Pro.
I game, I study on my Linux, writing homework, watching DRM protected and not so protected stuff... everything.
I hope this status quo remains, so I don't have to go back to Windows ever. Not that I hate it that much, but I feel better to use an OS, where my private stuff is private and safe. :slight_smile:

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What are your main tasks ?
Do you use it on your new hardware or only the old ones?

I actually love ubuntu, zorin and even solus(it's just so beautiful to watch) but whenever I get attached some problem comes up like on Ubuntu screen flickering started with some apps, in zorin keyboard,mouse and even virtual keyboard didn't respond; on solus no customer support. Linux generally has these problems

I know these problems are good for a computer science student, a student learns a lot from these. But sometimes you just want your operating system to work, everytime I open my computer there is something that needs a fix, and these are basic things like brightness,background colour,pc getting suspended instead of power off,etc.

I never used a Mac not even remotely,so I cannot even go on the personal preference part. So thats my big question should I save some money and go zorin and android or invest some and buy a Mac and iphone.

I want an ecosystem, I also have to keep that in mind. I will buy android with zorin or iphone with mac. Because then it will be a good experience otherwise it would go real bad.

But linux is known to give some problems afterwards just like windows, people say linux support older hardware better I have an old amd system which is known to be supported by linux but still I usually see some problem in the os after 2-3 months.

That's what I don't want with my new system as I will have to use that machine for atleast 5-6 years and then I don't want to regret it.

If Ubuntu cannot support older system how can it support new system smoothly?

Yeah!! Even I don't like windows that's why I am confused if I should save some bucks and buy zorin and android or invest some and buy mc and iphone.

Since, I never used a Mac I am clueless about that operating system.

Which computer do you use?
Can you suggest me if u should go for Mac or zorin? I have to do same things that you do,homework, writing,drawing(maybe),coding(a lot),watch movies, edit videos or audios(sometimes).
Please suggest me which operating system should I choose

Pop os isn't fast enough on my old amd pc so I guess it will not support new hardware that good

If I should be completely objective I should say sure: because Apple supply great software for any kind of creative production, you can have official office support, and all that kind of stuff. BUT! And this is a huge but...

Apple had many years of perfecting of logging everything, what their users do, they don't give out your name and these kind of things, but they do sell your "profile" to other companies, so they can make money of advertising and btw, I think Apple is the only company, which does not take a loss on HW sales to make it up with SW sales. They do want to have a profit on everything what they do. Their stuff is awesome, but repairability is sh*t and everything is over-hyped and over-priced the same time.

I think the same can be said about Microsoft's HW and Software stuff, though they give it to you with more services, especially when it comes to gaming, and sometimes completely free. You pay with your data. :wink:

And you know, the whole marketing (I majored in marketing and we did a paper about snob effect and how it wins over people to buy expensive stuff to make them feel better, ugly sh*t), the consumerism what they do to people: you deserve it, you should buy it, cause it will make you feel better, and show it to others, show how awesome you are, and it will make you feel better, etc. See the pattern? :slight_smile: Good, and you know what, if you wanna do that, then it's fine, as soon as you have the funds, then go. No one will judge you. I will certainly not. It is safe, it is comfortable, that is why it is expensive: you pay with money and your data. This is how it works nowadays. Anyone can be socially over-emotional, while crying for free stuff, but it is not how it works. If you wanna hide, you gotta pay for it, and it is expensive too.

What I want to do now though, is to turn this around. I decided to move myself from these comfortable products to challenge myself. I want to buy soon a good and powerful PC from frame.work, or System76 or a Lenovo Thinkpad T series machine or something similar, there are options, which have great Linux support out of the box and make it work. Now, I am fully on Linux using a Yoga 530, which was not even possible to use on Linux on, when it came out, and now everything works. I did not fix the fingerprint scanner yet, but turns out: I did not try to use for 1 month since I am on Zorin, so I might not even need it... :smiley:
So I'll have this laptop with me, I'll have an OS, which does not spy on me, which is 100% customizable, which I can study on, which I can game on and use it as a computer. Which does not want me to buy stuff and where I can store all my stuff privately and safely. Do I need to work on this to keep it working and educate myself to be better at computer science? Yes! Is it a bad thing? No! Cause your brain will work only if you give it problems to solve and keep yourself entertained. This is your decision to make.

Sorry, it is very long, but I think this is how I think about this after many years or tinkering and trying out stuff. :slight_smile:


That's right no operating system is perfect I guess even apple has some problems.
And these 4 years of University is real important so it is important to get frustrated and make my brain work like a real developer.

It's just sometimes I have a lot on my plate and it frustrates me. But you have a very strong point, I actually don't care about privacy because you know I don't run a company nowadays every thing steals your data doesn't mean you will not go on LinkedIn or not not check you Twitter or insta.

But I get the point I have to act like real developer now, that's a strong point. A developer faces a lot of problems and instead of getting annoyed I should be focussing on the solution.
Thanks :+1:

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Made my switch to linux mint around last month, after the SSD on that contains my windows boot drive died.

I ordered a new SSD, and while waiting for it to arrive, I installed mint on an ext-HDD and daily drived it until the new SSD arrived. Mint on my ext-HDD is much more responsive then windows on my SSD. Thats my biggest motivation to switch. I had all my games working on wine and steam, and my music app (Ableton Live) working on vmware. Thats enough to convince me for the switch.

I don't run the latest hardware (gtx 1060m laptop with 8th gen intel CPU) hence it has been really smooth for me. Had to battle with lutris at the start, but once that is settled, I have nothing else to battle with. Been really stable so far with no major hiccup.

Dabbled with zorin on vmware on the past few weeks and while I liked it, I decided to stay on mint. Prior to my switch, I have dabbled back and forth with mint for almost 8 years, hence I have some sort of attachment to mint. However, I won't hesitate to recommend zorin to someone who wanna try out or switch to linux, for their defaults look better then mint (yes I know u can change themes, but first impressions are very important), and have a solid ubuntu base behind it.

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I know linux works much better than windows I agree that. But does it work better than mac? I know as a newbie developer I should go with zorin. But sometimes there comes bugs which frustrated me

I have been running Mac on PC for about 2 years as a solution to my RSI.

At that time, the input system of Linux was less developed than Mac.
As soon as libinput developed well, I switched back to Linux Mint and eventually migrated to Zorin.

Neither macOS nor Windows are bad OS.
But I do not like their invasive nature.


any disadvantages of using macos ? does it crash? are all softwares pricey? do i have to pay for basic things like visual studio code,intellij,android studio or photoshop?

i have so many questions with mac.
what do you think is better for a college student studying computer science,mac or zorin?

You are asking me a tough question. I think it all depends on the use case.

My main computer use is office applications and rudimentary multimedia.

I think macOS and Linix are equally good for my computer needs.
As I mentioned already, it is Apple's tightening of the security and more control of the users which made me come back to Linux.

Another advantage is economy.
Macbook can go out of support after some years and you are obliged to replace it to keep up with all security and software updates.

Meanwhile I still own a 10 years old laptop which runs Zorin Lite very well.

I bought a used HP Probook (former corporate lease machine) for less than 30% of the original price for my husband. He is running MXLinux on it for his professional score writing work without any issue.

I would choose Zorin. It is Linux. You will become proficient using the command line and tinkering with your configuration. If you are looking to an IT career, then I think it may also aid understanding of some linux server concepts used in the professional IT world. Thats my opinion, others may contradict me.

EDIT: I just read FP's post, which she must have done same time as me. She has approached the same question from a different angle. i.e. what machine will be best for your coursework and be able to run software used by your college. You should check out what software the college uses and what file formats they will expect your coursework to be presented in. If you were doing a graphic design or art course I would say Mac. I believe many professional graphic designers and similar professionals tend to use Mac, but dare I say Windows is usually the defacto standard OS for corporates.