WWAN Dell L850-GL

Does anyone how to install driver for this wwan card ?

This may be the driver:

Install instructions:

mkdir ~/tmp/

cd ~/tmp/

sudo apt install build-essential python3-pyroute2 python3-configargparse git

git clone https://github.com/xmm7360/xmm7360-pci.git

cd xmm7360-pci

make && make load

edit at least the apn in the configuration file (replace ini.sample):

cp xmm7360.ini.sample xmm7360.ini

sudo python3 rpc/open_xdatachannel.py

sudo ip link set wwan0 up

If it works... I highly recommend scrolling down on the instructions and installing with DKMS so that you do not need to reinstall everytime the kernel upgrades.
Otherwise - you can lock in your kernel so that it does not upgrade, preventing the need for DKMS:

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