Xbox wireless controller bluetooth issues

I'm having issues with my wireless controller, in that it "connects" for 3-5 seconds then immediately disconnects. I've changed the batteries twice already so I can confirm its not that. I don't know where the problem is coming from, whether it's a controller issue or Bluetooth issue. Any suggestions?

That just recently was resolved - wireless Xbox controller issues. They used xone to get it going.

Are you using a dongle, or just the BT in the computer?

I just fixed it by purging and reinstalling bluez, posted a little too early


Sweet! :sunglasses:

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I bought the new Xbox "Starfield Controller" (equal to the game), but it was not able to connected under Bluetooth, either with an original Wireless Dongle.
But this worked for me: Today i installed a new Firmware under the help with a Windows 11 Surface Laptop 3; Problem resolved!!!
Now my Crontoller is connected via Bluetooth WITHOUT ANY DONGLE on my machine with ZORIN OS 16.3 Pro!!!

Nice greetings from Cologne, Germany

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