Xdg-desktop-portal kept back

That is not the Grub Menu - that is the minimal bash supported error screen.
at that screen, then relay the output the terminal shows.

Now it became blue


You have Secure Boot enabled. Are you dual booting with Windows?

No i had windows before on this computer

Secure Boot can interfere with Nvidia and certain Snap or Flatpak applications.
If you are not dual booting with Windows, Secure Boot should be disabled in BIOS.

Are you able to access the data on your drive by other means in order to back up your personal files?

I came to Zorin-OS recovery option but after that i was confused for what to do?

I think it isn't something @Jonte has installed. I get the same hold back package on a fresh install.

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Select the printed option for Advanced Options for Zorin
Then select the option for Zorin on 5.15 (RECOVERY)

This is happening for me right now...

Then while I was looking at it, the Software updater pops up. Gonna update and see what happens.

Now, after the update, I have this:
Screenshot from 2023-07-02 19-56-15

Ok, after the autoremove, it still shows that:
The following packages have been kept back:

Yes, I think there is an error in that packages Dependency file. I could be wrong.

After that?

This image only appear if Secure Boot is enabled in your BIOS EFI Settings.

Isn't the network enable in recovery mode?

I'm leavin it still working for now till they figure what flat pak is borked.
Try not to let the OCD get to you.. :rofl:

Yes it is in the Recovery Menu:

xdg-desktop-portal-new is screenshot and Screencast support. The update removes fuse and installs fuse3 as a new dependancy replacing the old dependancy. xdg-desktop-portal-wlr(5) — Arch manual pages

This happens as developers support their applications. Libraries get updated. In order to use the new functionality, and change anything that is deprecated so the software doesn't fail when the deprecated functionality is removed.

This has to be done manually because of the changes to the libraries.

The problem here is that it was held back. When the user, trying to sort that out tried to do a manual install, it autoremoved the Zorin Desktop.

Sadly, it looks to me like that new xdg-desktop-portal package has a dependency flaw. Which answers the original question of why it is held back...

I had no issue whatsoever on the install or any adverse effect on my laptop. I don't understand why this have the effect of removing the Zorin desktop.

If fuse3 was implemented properly, the old commands are kept for software until they can update, even if it is deprecated... otherwise libraries would break software constantly.