Youtube download through terminal or software that can download a specific time?

Like download a youtube video from 5:00 ~ 20:00 (5 minutes mark to 20 minutes) only ?

I wish there was a perfect free youtube video downloader.

4kvideo downloader seems to force me to their website randomly once in a while which is like an ad.

I found linux video downloading software which is free and works pretty perfect with no auto linking to their website.

but this software has no option to download specific time.
Also it has no option to NOT download the subtitles. Which most of the time
this downloads not just English but many other foreign languages as well.

You can try:

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u can try jdownloader snap version, it's the best

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This sounds like it will work.
But damn it's so sad that it always has to be Terminal.
Imagine if there was a GUI graphical version of this that can be easily
and safely be downloaded through synaptic or .DEB.

I mean youtube-dl has a guide but I'm so confused how to combine the
commands and stuff. Compared to GUI ones where you just click the button
with 0 anxiety and would not cause any problem or failure.


Would be really nice if someone could make a easy to understand guide on
how to use youtube-dl (Terminal version <probably doesn't have GUI version to begin with>) and also how to easily use with FFmpeg to make this work.
Downloading partial. I read some and says it will still download the whole video
then edit then it also seems to say I can also not download the whole video which is confusing and awesome because it will take crazy amount of time when I just need a part.

I really am not good at these stuff.

This is probably the official youtube-dl website and there are all the instructions
but as a person who doesn't know stuff like this, it's super overwhelming and confusing. I'm sure the people who know their Terminal and linux stuff would read and just instantly understand. It's like they were assuming that their readers are all expert. =[

Definitely needs a very basic guide.

You know the simple things that people would only need. Having too many mostly not needed options are also the reason why the guide is long as a book.
Something like how to download in a wanted quality, format, yes or no subtitles, location of folder where to download the videos (Which is insanely no brainer when it was a GUI graphical version) but now it's a huge problem to solve.

Also need to know how to combine the options.

-f, --format FORMAT,--no-mtime,-no-continue <- something like this.

and as a person who don't know I might think this would work.

If you are familiar with containers, you can run your own instance of MeTube.

A quick search online shows there are a few projects that have attempted to do this, but most are archived or left unmaintained so I'm not sure how effective they'll be but it's worth a try:

I disagree, graphical user interfaces need to find a good balance between design, simplicity and usability. And that is highly subjective: what is simple and intuitive for one person is bloated and complex for the next.
As a very popular example think of Photoshop or Gimp, both image editors and both notoriously difficult to learn how to use. The opening statement in this thread asking for a simple, light GUI says it all.

But as with all things, there's a time and place for everything.

In any case, the terminal is not reserved for the brightest computer science graduates. It's just an interface like any other to interact with, and as with all things that are new and unfamiliar, it takes some time getting used to it.
I think you would benefit from taking the time to follow along that tutorial you linked to, it looks pretty straight forward and every step is explained along the way. You don't need to learn how to use this tool from A to Z, just the options that you need.

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