Zorin 16.3 Pro

The best OS yet from Zorin and way ahead of the competitors. Its well worth the purchase price. Looking forward to Zorin 17!


Can one license be installed on two systems?

You can install a copy of Zorin OS Pro on multiple computers for personal use.

For use in a business or organization, you will need to purchase a copy of Zorin OS Pro for each computer you intend to use it on. To do so, please press the "Download" button on this page, enter your email address, and click the Edit link beside "Quantity" in the pricing table of the checkout.

You will find more details on this page:

I do like the OS and if I can ever figure a way to get inSync to install I'll probably go for the pro.
Thanks for the come back.
Edit: Got insync to work using Ubuntu 19.10 inSync download.
So if I upgrade my 16.3 lite to Pro on my PC; do I pay there and can I download the pro version for my other system (laptop)?
Edit: Just found out that you have to pay again for Z17; so I think I'll just wait for 17 to materialise.
Cheers, Allan

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Did you take a look at these threads?

Is that what you're looking for? :thinking: 16.3 would be 20.04 btw.

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