Zorin 16 available ISOs

New to Zorin, and I just tried out the 15.3 ISOs....the core version, and the lite (32 bit).
I have an older laptop with Vista, and thought I would try some of your ISOs.
The core version was a bit slow, but it could be from the USB; just live version, never installed it. I just tried the lite-32 bit version, and it was much more responsive.
My question is - the new 16 version that soon will be released....will there be a lite version; with an option for 32 bit?

Sadly, no. A sign of the times... Zorin 16 is not available in 32bit.

That's too bad.
One other question, it's about the life cycle of support for the system. I understand it's only for a few years, and what are your options, after that? You have to re-install the next version; can't update from the current one? You would not get any more security updates for the Firefox browser, for example, from an outdated version?

You have answered all your own questions. :wink:

I am still using Zorin OS 12.4 on one of my machines. While it is no longer supported or getting updates, the system is running just fine. Eventually... Firefox would no longer work on it, but I am not using Firefox on that computer, anyway. Waterfox will keep working far longer.

I also suggest Palemoon as another alternative. I use it on Raspberrypi WordPress server and it is very light and fast. On the Windows front, It is one of those rare browsers which still supports Windows 2000.

FYI. The devs are planning a Z15.3 to Z16 update path that does not require Z16 version to be clean installed. See this: Upgrade from zorin 15 to 16 (ultimate) - #6 by AZorin

Although that mentions ZorinOS Ultimate flavour, it is also expected to apply to Core, Lite etc.

Hi, if your PC came with Vista, I think you can install 64bit Linux on it. I have an old netbook came with Windows XP, which is currently running 64bit Zorin light happily.

Can you issue this command and check the CPU op-mode (2nd line from the top)?

I just tried the command; wasn't recognised.
I have heard others mention this laptop is really a 64 bit processor, but this Vista Home version is 32 bit, and I'm not really interested in pushing it to the limit, this laptop is about 15 years old. I found using the 64 bit ISOs was sluggish, but that was from a live USB. I tried Ubuntu, and Zorin...both acted that way.

Can you try this then?
cat /proc/cpuinfo

Sorry, nothing happens with that.

Let's try GUI.
Can you click "settings" and go to the bottom "about this system"?
There should be a CPU info.

I'm on the Vista now, and under System, it says Intel Core Duo CPU T5450 @ 1.66 GHz.

How much RAM do you have?

It says 2.00 GB.

Here is a spec of my Netbook which is currently running Zorin Lite ver. 15.3 64bit.

CPU: Intel Atom 1.5 GHz

I think your Vista machine has more computer power than my Netbook.

I just tried out the instructions for checking my system here How to find out if your Processor is 64-bit or 32-bit | Tutonics
It worked, my system is capable of a 64 bit version, according to that system info.

If you know the model number of the CPU, the best place to find information is Intel's own site:

How are you finding the Wine app? I have some windows programs that I would like to use on Zorin, but I saw some complaints that Wine would not work on the latest Zorin.

One thing you can do is increasing RAM capacity. My HP netbook came with 1GB RAM which I swapped with 2GB module. I think Core2 Duo should be able to take up to 8GB RAM (this needs to be verified with the laptop model number).

Another thing you can do is replacing HDD with SDD. My netbook had 250GB HDD which I replaced with 120GB SSD. Compared with Windows, Linux takes minimum space, 120GB is plenty of space for me.

Have you tried the swap file method? I'd rather try that than search for memory parts.