Zorin 16 Beta now available


Already downloading it @carmar :nerd_face:...

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It looks fantastic. Downloading it now. Can't wait to try it.

@AZorin - What are the system requirements?

I dind't see a checksum. Is that available anywhere? Will the ISO files or checksums be PGP signed in the near future? Will there be torrents available for faster downloads?

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For SHA256 checksum see this post: The Road to Zorin 16 - #186 by zabadabadoo

Thank you. I saw that after I posted in the other thread as well. I should have known to check there first as that's where I was getting checksums for older versions of Zorin in the past. :man_facepalming: I even helped other users find those checksums in the past few years.

Thanks, all. I started this thread so that a subject line inviting others would attract attention and encourage downloading (I was concerned not everyone may be reading the Road to 16 thread). Since the source thread is already cited in my OP, I'll close this one so that everyone can continue the discussion on that thread.

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