Zorin 16 Core Acer Laptop Brightness Slider and Keys not working

Hi, First off Zorin Os 16 is Sweet! I'm coming over from Linux mint.
I've combed over Google and the forums here as well trying to figure out the best way to go about getting the brightness controls to work.
I'm using Zorin OS 16 core on an Acer Aspire Laptop 7741Z-4643
Here is the Problem:
The Brightness slider in the settings (or accessed from the task bar) does nothing, i also have keys for the brightness on my laptop using Fn+ Left or right arrows does nothing as well.
What i have tried:

and that didn't work.
I also installed the Brightness control App and it works but i don't think its taking the brightness down but but like a gamma control as opposed to dimming brightness and it only works using the App (the Zorin brightness slider or brightness keys on laptop still do not control the brightness)
So my question is what is the best route to try to get this working?
I plan on purchasing Zorin Pro if i can get this worked out.
Thank you and thanks to the developers for making this great OS.

I wonder if you have seen this thread on here: Installing Zorin OS 16 on Asus UL30VT impossible?

A "Brightness Controller" app is discussed.

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