Zorin 16 on apple laptop

It is early 2011 Macbook Pro. Got 16g or ram. I put 480G SSD. I got this laptop from my dauther when she bought new one. I wipe the mac hdd and started searching for Linux distro to put on. After few days of downloading different distros, I learned that only Ubuntu distros will boot. I installed Mint, but had graphic problem. I installed Ubuntu, but did not like it. Then I come across Zorin. Installed Core and all was working fine. The I decided to get Pro. It was adventure, but now, all works fine. Brought new life to that old laptop. That you Zorin.


Yes Zorin is so helpful for old computers it gives them a new look and it so user friendly my old computer was so lagging with windows xp after I download zorin it was so helpful.

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I have one question is it as good as for new computer?

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