Zorin 16 Pro Screen Goes Black After update

I downloaded Zorin 16 Pro image yesterday to install on my laptop. I get Zorin 16 installed and connected to the Internet. When I go to check for updates, I have some to apply. It updates and informs me that I need to reboot. I reboot, I see the screen that says Zorin Splash screen and then nothing. I can't get into the grub menu or anything to try and trouble shot what is going on. I loaded the Zorin Live Image, and it looks like kernel 5.11-41 got installed with the update. My computer is a laptop with Intel Xe graphic.

Can you try any of the function keys and instructions here: Stuck on login screen - #2 by carmar ?

Ps - I understand you don’t have the login screen but I’m trying to get your desktop back.

Also, you may try tapping thetab or the esc key to see the grub menu Advanced options for Zorin - Enter this menu and arrow key down to boot from the previous kernel and test if graphics work. If they do, you can try locking to that kernel on default boot.

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I have tried the function keys and my screen just flashes and does nothing. I think it is related to the Intel Xe Graphics drive and Kernel 5.11-41. Because if I use a live disk, I can get into Zorin and use boot repair. I have it set nomodeset, during startup and Zorin will boot to the desktop. But when I run inxi to check my graphics driver, it says it is not running one. Looking into forcing the kernel back to 5.11-38 because before I updated Zorin that was the version of the kernel. Unless there is away to update the Intel Xe Iris driver to work with kernel 5.11-41.

This looks like exactly the issue I had, with the same graphics and kernel. Going back go 5.8 fixed it for me, and I documented the solution here, in case it helps you: Zorin OS 16, Intel Iris Xe Graphics G7 - Unusable without safe graphics - #3 by BrunoBernardino


Thank you @BrunoBernardino, I used your solution to force my laptop to boot with 5.11-38 kernel, that one seems to work and load the Intel Xe driver. Now I need to look at removing the other kernel, so I don't have to use the Grub menu to select 5.11-38.

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You can remove them or use this guide:

This will save you from being nagged about a newer kernel being available.


Perfect! Thank you. Now it boots to the older kernel by default. Still have a lot to learn about linux, this is my first Linux laptop.


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