Zorin 16 Pro when installing is newest?

I installed a new ISO a couple days what download from e-mail when bought a Zorin but the ISO it must be old from link what I bought.
I don't download newest ISO but old ISO my Zorin 16 Pro isn't a version RC1.
The link is old ISO when using a bought version Zorin.
The Problem verification is tricky when put a command in terminal.

Here is no information about a RC1

Your running the latest kernel 5.11.0-40, if you had the r1 iso you would be on kernel 5.11.0-27.

Zorin does not change that lsb_release info to r1, r2, r3 or r4. Also if you do another check it will say your using Zorin 16 Core, the zorin brothers did not change that too. So don't worry, your on the latest version.

What? How it is possible then if I bought Pro and you told me I have a Core? Last time when i download iso was Zorin 16 Pro with RC1.
How Core can be a Pro? I am confuse.
I just want sayed what i saw on PRO version before i don't see that design future with better icons, windows and changed things.

r1 isn't a RC1

Michel did not say you have core. He said that the designation is unchanged even on Pro.

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I could missunderstanding because my primary english isn't a birthday. Sorry for some troubles.
I remember when @ZorinGroup sayed was a new iso and i downloaded it was very diffrent what was before and i liked that. Maybe because when you changind apperance then changing also design GUI.

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I believe you.


Nope i did not, i was more talking about this

That's Cool Ik ben Duitsland en Engels is mijn tweede l begrijpen

Bubby your language is a dutch or netherlands.


Yes I did write in dutch.....

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Ich bin schuler ferschtein deutch. Nicht sprechen sie godt.

Hey it's okay.... you posts are welcome and viewpoints enjoyed

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