Zorin 17 Core won't shutdown, just reboots

Zorin 17 Core won't shutdown, just reboots, I've searched the forum high and low and nothing works. Any new ideas?

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How exactly do You shutdown Your PC/Laptop?

Currently the only way to shut it down is by holding the power button, I've tried all the sudo commands in terminal. It's an older Lenovo Yoga 2. I've made sure Zorin is updated; I don't see a way to go back to an earlier Kernal?

What happens when you press alt+f4 on the home screen?

Is this a dual boot with Windows ? If so , disable fast startup on the Windows side.

If You want try it, look here:

Did it worked with an older Kernel?

Another Thing. When You choose the Quick Settings is there a Button (the marked One):

With that you can choose if You want reboot, shutdow etc. Your PC:

When You there choose the Shutdown Option does Your PC don't turn off?

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