Zorin 17 installer insists on tablet mode

5.15.0-92-generic (recovery mode)
5.15.0-91-generic (recovery mode)

Well, I am glad nothing was damaged. But it looks like the Zorin Upgrader did not complete. And you saw no errors or anything?

None at all...and I followed the instructions in the blog, starting with the terminal command and then linked to "Stage 3" which was followed, as I say, through to completion including updates of software and the ultimate need to reboot.

I see what I did wrong. I've got it started again and, after all of the "Do you realize that..." warnings, it's actually underway. Since this "may take a long time," I'll send you this now....and report the results later.

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Apparently a FAIL. Went through the looooong process of waiting for the update (even went out and ran some errands) and then did the requested reboot. Nothing. Black screen. Waited many minutes. Restarted the device, got the grub menu and chose Zorin....nothing. Black screen. Waited many minutes. Now on 3rd try and more of the same.

Guess I will re-install 16.1 (that's the file I have).

Did you choose Zorin on 5.15.0-92?

Er, uh....on the 4th try I did (hehehe). Sorry.


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Remember this part so that you do not have to worry about which kernel you boot into on next reboot...

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