Zorin 17 on Virtual Box - Guest Additions not working

Hello, I would like to start saying I'm a complete beginner with both Zorin and VirtualBox.

I have just finished installing Zorin 17.1 using VirtualBox 7.0.14 for probably the 8th time. The problem seems to be Guest Additions not working (or maybe not even installing, I'm a bit unsure about that) so I'm unable to go full screen or even interact with the host machine (Windows 10, btw, forgot to mention).

(I've followed several tutorials, but for my last attempts I've been using this one, as it's the most recent https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLx5IQvXJrA&t=1s)

I tried to install Guest Additions from the tour wizard, and it was installed, but even after restarting the machine, it was still not working. I could neither resize, nor transfer files between host and guest machine.

After that, I created a new virtual machine and, this time, tried to install Guest Additions directly from VirtualBox, going to Devices and selecting Insert Guest Additions CD Image, but nothing happens.
(I had a look at this tutorial, but it didn't really help Install Guest Additions (Oracle VM VirtualBox))

So now I'm here asking if anyone might have an idea why it's not working. Thanks in advance for any help.

If you're new to VM - I'll recommending Boxes. It's available through software center.

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For the downloaded file, are you browsing to that .ISO or mounting the image in Windows?

Thank you, I will definitely check it out. But can I use Boxes on Windows 10? I did a quick search, and it seems people who use it already have a Linux OS.

Ok, I'm not sure I got the question completely (did I mention I'm a total noob?), but I did browse in VirtualBox to open the .ISO file.
At least, if this is mounting an image file, I definitely didn't do it. Should I have?

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Okay that's right; browsing to the .ISO from VirtualBox.

See if this helps:

Not Zorin, but same process.

He is using Windows 10!

Yep! The link I posted has instructions to install guest additions in Ubuntu with a Windows host :wink::+1:

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It just didn't read that way as I saw it! :wink:

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