Zorin as a replacement for Android

I recall reading that there were plans to make Zorin available for mobile phones (forgive me if I'm wrong) but I can't find the info. Are there any plans to make / release such an OS? I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in mint working order that's no longer supported by Samsung or my service provider. I'd love to be able to make it usable again, especially with Zorin installed.

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Don't recall seeing or even hearing this....

Ubuntu has one for mobile phones, but just because you have a phone that you no longer use doesn't mean you can just throw whatever you want on it.

There are other android OS's out there, don't know if any of them work with something so old though.

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The ZorinGroup has expressed interest in developing an ARM version of Zorin OS, however, there is currently no word on how that is going.

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You could go one better and put e.OS on it to make it an unGoogled phone!


I have installed it on my old 1+ 3 but sadly can't get rid of the fastboot screen as no longer have access to dev mode! Understand this is down to poor design of 1+ boot loader in the first place! Flaky!


Thanks for the update.

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