Zorin Connect App

Hello im german and new here
i have the Zorin pro , and have a Problem with
Zorin Connect App.
The devices are in Same WLAN (WiFi) .
But at Laptop and Phone dont show the devices.

Can you Help for a Tip?

I Hope my Englisch ist nice :slight_smile:
I have Zorin Pro.

Many Grettings

Is Firewall activated?

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Oh yesyes i have in zorin Firewall aktivste.
I try to Test tomorrow.
Or you mean at the Router?

2 things:

  1. Are you using a VPN or something else that would interfere with local connections? This can be on either device.
  2. If #1 is a no, then could it be that the Firewall is enabled? If so, you may need to set some extra rules to allow Zorin Connect through.

German Translation (for clarity's sake):

2 Sachen:

  1. Benutzt du einen VPN oder etwas anderes, was lokale Verbindungen blockieren könnte? Könnte auf beiden Geräten sein, welches von den beiden ist da egal.
  2. Wenn's nicht das Erste ist, könnte es sein dass die Firewall aktiviert ist? Sollte das der Fall sein, müsstest du eventuell ein paar Regeln festlegen um Zorin Connect durch zu lassen.
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It is easy enough to create the rules in the bundled GUFW (Gnome Uncomplicated FireWall):


Good morning,

That was the answer, the phone now connect.
How i can see the phone-display on the the laptop?
i can only see some settings, nice theme to learn, how going :upside_down_face:


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If you wish to access photos as file browser, open Computer under other locations. If you want to send files to laptop you need to designate folder, usually Downloads. The other great thing is you can respond to texts from your computer! :wink:

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Thanks i will look the futures,

One Info zorin conect is now only found at

i see it at Google Play Store, now going there.


the zorin connect app is now in google play store

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